Graphical Manipulations #3: The Connoisseur Tries to Impress The Powerful

Tony Abbot (Prime Ministerial hopeful of 20.6 million people) took a trip to China in order to impress the masters of some 1.4 billion people and tell them how to run their country.  Tony was suitably impressed whilst the Chinese just thought ‘Bèn wàguò rèn’ [stupid foreigner]!

First this one.

And then this!

And Australians want this loon as Prime Minister?  God help us!

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3 Responses to Graphical Manipulations #3: The Connoisseur Tries to Impress The Powerful

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  2. Sax says:

    Very reminiscent of the the Howard/Latham handshake, warm and fuzzy welcome, they complimented each other with all those years ago ?


    • deknarf says:

      Yes indeed. And interesting parallel. One wonders when Abbott is going to ‘pop his cork’ in a similar manner to Latham. The body language is wholly that of a bully boy — in the Australian vernacular ‘a standover man’! The poll numbers suggest that there’s a lot of unease in the voters about Abbott given the position of the NO Coalition in the First Preference and Two Party Preferred numbers. 2013 will be a verrry interesting year plitically I suspect.


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