Graphical Manipulations #6: Gillard, Abbott, Politics and Rectal Referrals

It’s been one of those week and a bit’s!  The farce Australia calls Federal Parliament resumed, invective and abuse was thrown, parliamentary members objected and anger, accusation and insult flowed freely.  Ejection of members from the House of Representative’s became passé.  It was Chris Clayton who said; ‘Politics is derived from two words – poly meaning many, and tics, meaning small blood sucking insects’.  Our politicians haven’t really done much to dispel that view, which I suspect, is becoming increasingly held by the public.

Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard has been given a bit of a rough trot over the past week and it’s probably time to shine a light on a couple of matters which are still giving her some angst.  Still, you have to give grudging admiration to her stoicism in the face of continuous allegation and innuendo.  One wonders how Tony Abbot would react in the same situation?  A lot of speechless head-nodding?  We’ve only seen him under real pressure just that once and it was not a pretty sight for a ‘would be’ Prime Minister.

Anyhow, First this;

Then this;

And to top it all off there are still Kevin Rudd rumblings in the background, and the refugee boat fleet.  But the boats are now both Labor and the NO Coalition’s problem – aren’t they?

And still in keeping with the rectal referrals. I doffs’ me ‘at to Tony Windsor.

The following graphical manipulations are illustrative of just how unwise it is for politicians with delusions of grandeur to allow themselves to be photographed in situations that are absolute gold mines to the opportunists.  Thanks Tony Abbott.  Especially so following Windsor’s comments, and when there are those about who were suckled on such fringe dwelling comedy as “The Goon Show”, “My Word”, and “Not the Nine O’clock News”, and then nicely fattened on the idiosyncratic craziness and anti-establishmentarianism of the “Monty Python” lunatics.

So! First this one: ‘We’ve got all the words, now we just need to put them in the right order’ Pigsaw Juzzle;


 Then this one: ‘I’ll do anything except sell my arse to be Prime Minister”

And finally this!

And Australians appear to want this embarrassing loon as Prime Minister and his NO Coalition as the Government?  God help us!


PS:  I note that the Slater & Gordon accusations related to Julia Gillard have now been rebutted [sorry about the pathetic pun – couldn’t help it!] by a spokesperson for S&G as well as lawyers who represented the Australian Workers Union at the time (some 17 years ago).

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3 Responses to Graphical Manipulations #6: Gillard, Abbott, Politics and Rectal Referrals

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  2. A wonderful summary of Oz Politics today. And Julia’s comment is perfect!


    • deknarf says:

      Thankyou Archie.
      We tries to do our umble best, though we live in the East, and not the West.
      We think that our pollies are a pest, but reckon that Oz is just the best!


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