Graphical Manipulations #9: Politician’s – Ya Gotta Luv Em!

Its been week where nothing much has been happening politically, apart from the continued negativity coming from the mainstream media related to Julia Gillard’s parliamentary speech; a bit more of Peter Slipper’s inappropriate comments dragged out again for an airing by Paul Sheehan of the Sydney Morning Herald; a dram of Craig Thomson presented by Eric Abetz displaying shock/horror that poor Craig might have to pay back $400,000 and turn bankrupt and have to leave parliament, and he might invoke the Statute of Limitations and so on an so forth.  God Eric! Try and get the gloat out of your voice, will ya!  It’s so unbecoming in an ostensibly mature adult!

Julia Gillard and Tony Abbott have been out of the country ‘doin fings’ and my Graphical Manipulation’s itch has continued unabated.  So here’s Julia and Tony, and Christopher Pyne, and Malcolm Turnbull, and Julie Bishop and Kevin Rudd playing bit parts in my graphical fix for the week!

There’s this;

And this;

And probably this;

And then this;

And finally this;

 Ahhhh Politics!  Where would we be without it?

Postscript: Saw Tony Abbott’s appearance on ABC TV last night preparing the way for more carping negativity had Australia’s bid for a seat on the UN Security Council failed.  Would have been followed by the: ‘pointless exercise, wasted money, frivolous, government unworthy, can’t even get a UN seat, etc, etc, predictably etc’!  What a shame the effort was in vain Tony.  Never mind.  You’ll surely think of other things to be negative about.

If there was ever an individual so totally undeserving of high office then that person is, unquestionably, Tony Abbott.  We don’t need a negative, 19th century trogdolyte as Prime Minister of this country.

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