Graphical Manipulations #10: The Melody Has Gone But the Song Lingers On?

Well, last week was another interesting week in Australian politics some might say.  Must admit I’m not one of them and all the allegation, innuendo, beat up’s, are becoming a bit yawnish.  Suspicion is now extant that most voters have reached the stage where all the vacuous hype by breathless TV hosts and political journo’s hammering Webster’s and their thesaurus for the appropriate inflammatory word washes gently through the voting public’s mind like the ordure of a cattle yard on a warm and humid day!  Well something like that anyhow.

This week has seen: Maxine McKew allege Julia Gillard’s fingerprints were all over the Kevin Rudd coup; tsk, tsking about Bob Carr’s wife travelling with him on overseas trips; harrumphing about Wayne Swan’s mining tax that wasn’t; Tony Abbot use language inadvisedly (again) and then apologise with crocodile tears (again), and; the police raid on Craig Thomson’s house deliver the usual defence, the usual media huffy puffy, and a bit of legal angst from his lawyer.  At least it filled out the space around the advertisements!

So in the spirit of apathy, here’s a bit more of the same as last week.  There’s this:

 And a bit of this;

A little of this;

 And finally this;


As well as the same as last week closing comment:  “If there was ever an individual so totally undeserving of high office then that person is, unquestionably, Tony Abbott.  We don’t need a negative, 19th century trogdolyte as Prime Minister of this country.”

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  3. Some wonderful stuff here. Great read! Love the nose-picking – – –


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