Graphical Manipulations #17: To Stunt, Or Not To Stunt? That IS The Question!

In the true spirit of Pauline Hanson; ‘If you’re not seeing this then the Mayans where right and we have all ceased to exist!’  And if you are, well as I’ve said previously I always enjoy politician’s ‘photo opps’ especially when they’re doing something that they quite probably consider demeaning, beneath their dignity, or whatever!  But certainly something that they wouldn’t be doing in real life, much preferring the unreal life and sinecures brought to them by working in the political arena.

So here’s a few more, apologies that only one particular individual rates a GM.  There are reasons for this.  Firstly, Phoney Tony does so many of these I’m surprised that he has time for politics.  Secondly, I don’t see too many from other politicians, on either side, where they’re ‘doin fings’ which can be made the subject of satire.  And thirdly, I am biased (you’ve noticed?), especially more so when someone so undeserving of being the Leader of the Opposition, is the LOTO!  Now if Malcolm Turnbull was the LOTO, things might be very different.

However I do maintain the proviso that where there are silly photo’s of others, I’m more than happy to do a GM on it!

So there’s this;

Abbot n Timber Wall


And there’s this;

Abbott n Funny Hat


Followed by this;

Abbott n Staple Gun


With a penultimate;

Abbott Digs Dirt


And finally this;

Trucking Idiot


 And, with the usual ending to these graphical manipulations:  “If there was ever an individual so totally undeserving of high office then that person is, unquestionably, Tony Abbott.  We don’t need a negative, 19th century trogdolyte as Prime Minister of this country.”  TA not fit 2B PM!

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  2. deknarf says:

    PS: Sorry about the squiffy graphics, the sizing went a bit funny, for reasons thus far undefined!


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