Graphical Manipulations #19: Whatever The Topic, It All Makes for a Good Read!

What! Finished the recommended reading all ready?  They must have been engrossing!  So here’s a few more that you might be interested in browsing through.

Abbott Book Walls

In which the author introduces the reader to a strategic tactic that they have long loved, the fine art of implied threat by wall bashing.  A unique art indulged in by those with trained fists and a penchant for bully boy tactics.  The finer techniques of not bruising the knuckles, and minimising obvious damage to the wall being punched, whilst exerting maximum psychological damage to the target of the threat is explained in detail.  Basic advice is also given with regard to refuting blame and denial tactics to be used with the media.  Not a book for namby pambies who accept the voters’ democratic rights.  In the words of the author: ‘If you can’t @#%$&*# stand the brutality then you can %$&# off!’  A thumping good read!

Abbott Book Machiavelli

Following intensive verbal instruction by various mentoring staff on the work of Machiavelli (particularly ‘The Prince’) the author’s ghost writer explains what the author understands about strategy, implicit and hidden threat, pretending to give people what they want, destroying political careers by innuendo and lie and making irrelevant concessions whilst not selling your arse.  And you thought that ‘The Prince’ was a masterpiece?  This book will sell, sell, sell!

Abbott Book Hope etc

In which the editing author collates several diverse works related to Australia’s future under a charmingly liberal ultra-conservative government.  Detailed explanation is given as to why the lower classes are so undeserving of welfare payments.  Why the working classes are just that, should not rise above themselves, and should be paid just enough to enable productive work to be undertaken.  The discord between slavery and penury is discussed and the rationale behind class, classification of the unfit and reasons for repressing ‘class jumping’ explained.  The need to restrict education and medicine only to those capable of paying for such benefits is expounded in neo-capitalism, carpet-bagger terms.  The use of tax cuts to ensure voter support as an election strategy is shown to be the election ‘sucker punch’.  The divergence between the Coalition motto: ‘Abandon Hope All Ye Who Enter Here’, and ‘Arbeit macht frei’ is comprehensively discussed and the arguments for forced labour under penurious conditions revisited.  The value of creating alliances with big business, and conservative mainstream media is explored in detail.  And in a first for this party a new policy, ‘Willing Workers Without Choices’ is revealed as the way to conservative nirvana.  Not a book for the faint hearted or fair-minded, but riveting material nonetheless!

Abbott Book Democray Downfall

This last recommendation is a recently produced ‘as it’s happening’ ‘tour de force’ in bringing together Machievelli’s work, so capably covered in ‘Machiavelli My Friend’, and the ‘blow by blow’ expose’ of the day to day machinations of an Opposition conservative coalition as it strives to bring down a Government weakened by Independents and a hung Senate.  The book details the techniques of using innuendo, lies and deceit to embarrass a Government, how to use modern media such as texting to expose the fallible and turn the molehill into the mountain.  The strategic moves used in destroying the credibility and character of a fellow conservative turned ‘rogue’ is laid out as the preferred model for such activities.  Engaging the Mainstream Media and involving them (albeit willingly) in the plot is covered in amusing detail in the chapter; ‘A 40-Watt Bulb is Brighter’..  The value of ‘dirt files’ is canvassed and the argument for their essentiality in modern politics confirmed.  The most exciting part of this book is that it is very much a work in progress, in that the machinations are current, and ongoing.  No yesterday’s stuff here!  The second edition of the book (due 2014) is expected to contain additional chapters covering in detail how the traducing of a legitimate government succeeded, resulting in its downfall and the rise of the ultra-conservatives.  It’s understood the working title for the second edition is; ‘Australia’s Democracy?:  Not Any More!’  The exciting thing about this manuscript is that you are part of the exercise, and your apathy and complaisance will ensure that that a second edition is printed without last minute amendments!  Live the moment, live the dream!


And with the usual ending to such Graphical Manipulations:

No to NO Coalition

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