Graphical Manipulations #20: Ooooh! A Mini-Campaign! I Want One Too!!

The New Year (Western) is here bringing with it last year’s political nastiness like bad breath after a boozy night and a chuck-up.  The Year of the Snake sits waiting in the wings, the holiday respite is barely over, Oz is copping its now familiar baptism by fire, storm and flood, and guess what?  The grand announcement is made that a policy devoid, but promissory note rich, MINI-CAMPAIGN will held by our beloved Tea Party analogue, the NO Coalition and Mr Negativity himself, Tony Abbott.  And you thought it couldn’t get much worse, didn’t you?

So off we go, into the world of fantasy, of propaganda, of ‘lovey shots’ of the NO Coalition’s leader waving to adoring crowds, kissing babies and wife, doing ‘manly’ things and holding press conferences about nothing at all sans any probing questions from what is, apparently, a fawning and besotted mainstream media (MSM).  Whatever happened to the Ashby/Slipper/Brough (plus cast of thousands) matter?  Too hot to handle by a biased MSM perhaps?  Or is it, like the gradual decline of the MSM, that real journalism, particularly investigative journalism, is now huddled in a corner coughing up blood and making feeble arm wavings at a disinterested management.  A management more intent on directing the news than reporting it with openness and honesty?

Whatever!  There’s a mini-campaign on and I want one too!  So there’s this;

 Abbot Explains policy

And then there’s this;



And then there are these.  Two masterpieces of the propagandists art, beautifully set-up, empathic, carefully orchestrated for maximum impact and both truly disgusting in their objective – to cover reality with pretence.  Joseph Goebbels would weep with envy and frustration to see such master works of deception.  Firstly, this one;

Messiah Abbott

And then this;

Impropaganda Abbott

This one is a real propaganda masterpiece and if, as they say, a picture is worth a thousand words then the photographer has truly excelled himself.  He’s wasted doing this stuff!  But, conversely, what if a picture could be captured in one word?  What word would be most appropriate to describe such a fabrication?  Stagecraft, propagandist, disinformative, vomitous, pathetic, revolting, nauseating, pitiable, poignant, ludicrous, appalling, obscene, repellent, sickening?  All appropriate in one way or another, but not really a comprehensive description.  About the best I could come up with was a wordplay ‘impropaganda’ and that doesn’t really fit either.  Feel free to suggest an alternative – the “In A Word” mini competition campaign?

If I get a quality one-worder I’ll modify the graphic and put it up again!

Barack Obama said in a speech recently; ‘We don’t benefit from ignorance.’  Why is it that I feel that Australians are in exactly this position?  Kept in ignorance by a Coalition trying to hide its agenda should it win Federal government and ably aided and abetted by a MSM that, while jumping up and down about ‘free speech’, is deliberately ignoring the brief it so professes to expound.

Do I feel like a mushroom?  Yes I do!!  Do I like feeling disenfranchised?  You bloody bet your sweet life I don’t!!  Am I angry?  You’d better believe it!!

And with my final word on such matters;

No to NO Coalition

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