Graphic Manipulations #21: Mainstream Media Thanks God For Australian Sporting Scandal!

Just when the clamours for forthright, honest, unbiased and balanced reportage were reaching a crescendo about some real investigative journalism related to Ashby/Slipper/Brough, the Thomson matter, as well as getting Phoney Tony Abbott to actually answer some questions, God granted the mainstream media (MSM) its most fervent wish.  Along came the Australian Crime Commission (ACC) and laid out on the table a fortuitous set of circumstances, thereby saving the MSM from doing really serious stuff!  And that was – THERE WAS DRUG USE IN AUSTRALIAN SPORTS!  What a lifesaver!  The MSM could now print reams and reams and talk incessantly about the shock/horror of the realisation that Australian sport was actually tainted by people (and teams) which engaged in enhancing team performance by the judicious use of those mysterious things called ‘peptides’  Ooooh!  Oh! And what a tragic let down this was to the millions of fans and was destroying young kids faith in their sporting heroes! Yada, yada, yada etc!

Australians For Honest Politics ( expressed their frustrations like this;

Brough Poster

Thankfully, now reportage on the real issues facing Australia could be safely relegated to the ‘nah! the sport issue is far more important, don’t go there!’ basket and the MSM could steer clear of anything political except, of course, slagging off the government at every opportunity.  So, not being especially interested in sports where people run around chasing a ball and banging in to one another and appreciating that where there is sport, money and gambling there is also likely to be performance enhancement via those ‘peptidy’ things, I resorted to my usual pastime when the interest in the garbage produced by the MSM wanes.

So there’s this one;

Abbot as Banana 3

And then this;

Best Man Shafted

And this;

Eleventy Delivers Surplus

And this;

Pollie Classification

Followed by this;

Tony Thinks


And finally this delightful little set piece of Phoney Tony Abbott impropaganda.  It’s that old classic approach in profile enhancement.  Show the doings of the ‘working man hero’ things with entranced, adoring spectators and avoid serious political questioning wherever possible.  Mind you, serious questions and our MSM?  A rather laughable expectation!

Lately, Tony seems to be avoiding these type stunts, much to my disappointment, as there’s no new material forthcoming to hang Graphical Manipulations off!  C’mon Tone!  Give me a few more really silly ones to keep me ‘GM’ occupied.  And so, there’s this;

Tony Bangs in Nail


And with the usual proviso;

And don’t forget on Saturday September 14, 2013;

 No to NO Coalition

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