Graphic Manipulations #22: It’s More Of The Same From The Media – And From Me!

So recent polling has shown a jump in popularity for Phoney Tony Abbot and the NO Coalition and a slump for Gillard and the Labor party.  As to be expected it set the mainstream media (MSM) Baskerville Hounds abaying!  It was the end of the world as we know it for Labor, they were doomed!  Much news-space and TV time was taken by the examination of the entrails of one (that’s ONE) poll.  Julia to quote a Sydney Morning Herald heading was; ‘A Dead Woman Walking’.  Charming!  I had felt that the MSM had really bottomed out in the particular cesspit that they are currently wallowing in, but this heading really plumbed the unfathomable depths!  Well done MSM slug!  May you live in infamy forever!

It’s a great pity that the same kind of attention is not placed upon Phoney and his NO Coalition, what with their still unanswered questions about their involvement in the Ashby/Slipper/Brough business, their inability to cogently present any real policies for any real analysis and their severe lack of ability with simple mathematics.  Joe Hockey, come on down!

So not finding much of the above particularly enlightening I’ve resorted to my usual Graphical Manipulations.  Forgive me, cos there’s this;

Lab Band Hockey

And then this;

Morrison Born to Rule

Followed by this;

Ya Gotta Have Friends1

And finally this;

Seeking Tony


Followed by the usual;

And don’t forget on Saturday September 14, 2013;

No to NO Coalition

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