Graphic Manipulations #23: SEX! DRUGS! ROCK n ROLL! It’s A Mainstream Media Heading Thing!

Yes, yes! I know! The heading has absolutely nothing to do with the storyline!  Just put it down to a friendly borrowing of headlining expertise from the mainstream media (MSM).  It’s all about the eagerness to sensationalise the mundane and uninteresting so that it will get maximal coverage!

It’s dishonest and not a true representation of the facts?  Well.  Fancy that!  I don’t hear any outraged screams about the MSM doing the same, do I?  Nor the NO Coalition!  So why can’t I?

Anyhow, enough of the trivial.  We’ve seen an exciting past week and, as is usual when boredom sets in, I wasn’t able to help myself.  However I’ve tried to be a bit more bipartisan than just drawing attention to Phoney Tony Abbott and his misnamed Liberal Party, part of that wonderous concoction of misfits, currently labelled the NO Coalition.  How does one describe as “Liberal” a bunch of ultra-conservative, negative, right-wing, carpetbagging, Tea Party analogous, free-marketeering, dinosaureal, trogdolytic no hopers?  It’s beyond me!

Ignoring sport which is an incredibly difficult thing to do in Oz, especially when our sporting heroes appear to be in to all sorts of stuff to improve performance including extract of calf’s blood.  Apparently this helps them improve their oxygen uptake and get a moove on – Sorry!  I know that one was infantile!  First off we have The Australian Greens’ Party’s [apostrophe placement problems here] “having a split when you’re not actually” decision to walk away from their arrangement with Labor.  Christine Milne did a wonderful job of explaining the ‘unsplitty splits splittiness’ in succinct terms which left most of the voting public expressing serious doubt about the claim that The Australian Greens contained rational and clear thinking parliamentarians.  So pleased there’s only ten of them!  Thankfully Sarah Hanson-Young wasn’t there crying, otherwise we would have doubted the determination of the Australian Greens to take this whole business seriously.  So, in keeping with the unreality of the situation, there’s this;

Star Trek Next Election 1


Chris Ulhmann (ABC Political thingy), as usual (and for some time), got right up my nose with his quite apparent bias in favour of the right winged dinosaur trogdolytes mentioned previously.  In fact it’s becoming an embarrassment, so obvious is his manipulative use of the English language to suggest that the current Labor government is a complete and utter failure whose only achievement was to snatch power from Phoney Tony and the NO Coalition.  It made me think, in some strangely perverse way, of “My Favourite Things”, so there’s this;

Ulhmann Labor Words


And then there was the grounding of the trawler at Cronulla and the finally successful effort to refloat it.  A boat riding the violent, stormy and turbulent seas, with the navigation a bit ratty, sailing bravely through the shoals and reefs of outrageous misfortune, finally coming all stuck upon a rugged and unforgiving shore.  I don’t know why but the much harassed Federal Labor Party, Julia Gillard, Kevin Rudd, Bill Shorten and that bigmouth Paul Howes immediately came to mind and it turned in to this:

Good Ship Labor


Noticeable more in absentia, than its presence, has been the wealth of information provided by Phoney Tony and the NO Coalition about their grand plans for the future golden age of this land known as Oz.  In fact apart from the occasional gross misrepresentation from Joe (Mr Eleventy) Hockey and the incandescent promissory whining of Pyne, the rest of the NO Coalition seems remarkably absent from public fora, especially Tony Abbot.  So the absence of a cogently argued and concisely delivered grand NO Coalition vision produced this;

No Coalition Grand Vision


And the absence of Phoney Tony Abbott from any appearance where the enquiring and unbiased MSM has the opportunity to ask probing and meaningful questions, and the lack of more silly stunt photo opportunities has left me with severe withdrawal symptoms.  This has forced me to fall back on previously acquired graphics and given rise to this;

Tonys Instructions


And there we have it!  Leaving you with the usual postscript . . . . . .

And don’t forget on Saturday September 14, 2013;

No to NO Coalition

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