Graphic Manipulations #26: A Little Bit Of This! A Little Bit of That! Makes You Wonder . . . . . !

It’s been a bit of a motley, bric a brac, odds and endy week or so with the usual rumours of rumours being rumoured by rumour mongers on Julia Gillard being removed from her Prime Ministership by a disenfranchised, unhappy bunch of parliamentarians nervous about losing their little sinecures in 2013 and spreading rumours!  Tony Abbott has again frequently erupted into the media with the quick one-liner (no doubt cunningly contrived by Ms Credlin) and vanished just as quickly before an intelligent conversation can ensue.  So in the absence of anything substantial the mind begins to wander and consider the juxtaposition of life’s little snippets in association with disliked politicians and political trivia.

Thoughts of the recent gay parade came to mind, as did budgie smugglers on viewing this graphic in the media.  Naturally thoughts of gay v straight, budgie smugglers and Tony Abbott lead to this;

Budgie Smuggle Tony


The ‘Twitterverse’ is currently engaged in a battle between the forces of ‘Luddite Town’ and the  ‘Brave New Worlder’ progressives over the matter of the National Broadband Network and the possibility that Rupert Murdoch may not want such an obviously competitive alternative to his media interests in play in Ozland.  The machinations in the UK, Australia’s apparent disinterest, and now the US turning the spotlight on News Limited and its business practices led to this;

Tony & Rupert


And then there was the piece about the South Korean’s female president and the North Korean’s view that she had a particular way of swishing her skirt that was especially venomous!  The overdramatisation of things puerile by those of paranoid disposition naturally led to comtemplation of Oz’s more mundane efforts to the overdramatisation of stares, led to this;

Bishop Park Perspective


The Higgs Boson is now considered to be a reality!  Tracking down this elusive particle proved difficult as its phantom like nature and elusiveness needed much commitment and perserverance to finally bring it into the light of day.  Difficult to pin down, elusive, phantom-like reminded one of a certain politician who aspires to be the Prime Minister of this country.  Naturally, such thoughts led to:

Abbott Buggerof


And finally, a graphical present from a reader of the last Graphical Manipulation led to the response that I’d try and include it in the next GM.  Such promises are fraught with risk!  So Phoney Tony Abbott’s elusiveness and tendency to run away, the recent popish antics, the free speech kerfuffle, fond memories of Monty Python, the tranquil graphic and the attempt to remove penalty rates ended up looking like this;

TA The Messiah

OH! That!!

Work Choices Turn Left 2013 


And so there we have it!  Leaving you with the usual postscript . . . . . .

And don’t forget on Saturday September 14, 2013;

 No to NO Coalition


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