Graphic Manipulations #27: So Much Ado! So Much Nothing, Zilch, Nada!!

What a week it has been!  The rumours aflying, the mongerers, mongering!  The mainstream media (MSM) agog, delirious with excitement, rampantly predictive, pontifically pontificating, rapturously rendering the great moment they had been praying for, writing reams about, ‘he said, she saiding’, etc superlative, etc!!

THE CHALLENGE HAD COME AT LAST!! HOSANNAH ON THE HIGHEST!  Simon Crean had called the cards.  Kevin Rudd was going to take on Prime Minister Julia Gillard for that coveted appellation ‘Prime Minister of Australia’!  Yay!  Oh Yeh!  Yippee!  4.30 p.m (16:30 hours to pedants like me) was when the Labor leadership would spill and Kev would walk triumphant into the now vacant role of PMof A!

There was the hubbub of creative activity and the helter skelter rush of the collective MSM as they scurried about Parliament’s hallowed halls stuffing camera’s and microphones into the faces of anyone who was prepared to; (a) stand still and, (b) open their mouth.  It brought back memories of long gone Jo Bjelke Petersen and his fond reference to his ‘much loved mates’, the MSM.  The reminder of Jo resulted in this;

Joes MSM Chooks

PS: There’s a ‘cluck’ loose!  Clucking hell!

Phoney Tony Abbott was obviously beside himself with fear, trepidation, delight?  I guess we’ll never really know!  But obviously he was so beside himself that, in a deeply serious moment, with trauma plain on the faces of the listeners, he made one of his typically, gauche, thoughtless and low-brow comments.  Such behaviour naturally required the resurrection of the Pillock Chronicle.  How could one not, and it goes like this:

Pillock Birth Mother


Simon Crean was the ‘Suicide Bomber’ according to the MSM who made the call and then was left tragically without a portfolio, egg on his face, and nowhere to go except the back benches when it all went horribly wrong.  Still being uncertain of whether Crean was indeed an El Quaida suicide bomber blowing things up for the hell of it, or alternatively, a kamikaze pilot making a surgical strike on a dangerous threat, produced enough uncertainty in my mind to reserve my position pending future parliamentary expose’s.  So the delightful two-finger salute graphic of Simon ended up looking like this (sorry NO Coalition, but I am biased);

Creans Spleen


Further contemplation of the NO Coalition, the spill, Simon, Phoney Tony and his excitement at the unfolding of events gave rise to this;

Phoney Tony Dreaming


So there we were!  The moment had arrived!  The doors closed on the caucus, the spill spilled and . . . . . . . . . . . .NOTHING HAPPENED!  ZILCH!!  NADA!!!  All that rampant excitement went as flat as last night’s beer.  The experience of such a ‘stuff up’, in Ruddy’s terms ‘a cluster f**k!’, or possibly ‘a cluster sucker’ gave rise to this:

Rudd Duds It

So there it was, and we were left with a few ministerial resignations, a Prime Minister still standing, and a ministerial reshuffle on the cards.  And Phoney Tony?  Imagining what he might be thinking (if that’s not too much of an intellectual stretch) lead to this:

The truth dawns


Naturally the NO Coalition got on the front foot pretty quick smart and told anyone who would listen that they had a PLAN for Oz if they were the next government.  It went something like this;

Tonys got a plan


Listening to my favourite misogynotrogdolyer (aka Tony Abbott) expound so eloquently on The Grand Vision led to thoughts of this;

Us and Them


And of course to this;



And so there we have it!  Leaving you with the usual postscript . . . . . .

And don’t forget on Saturday September 14, 2013;

No to NO Coalition 


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  3. bilko says:

    Excellent summing up now AUSTRALIA wake up and vote Labor for a future.


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