Graphical Manipulations #31: Con Jobs, Fools, Bigots, Liars And A Touch of Gilbert & Sullivan!

Oooooohhh!  I’m still as mad as hell about Malcolm Turnbull (Fraudbull) and Tony Abbott’s (Phoney Tony’s) disgustingly puerile attempt to provide Australia with a Fraudband not exactly second to none, but ranked around 70 to one with the rest of the world.  I’m even more annoyed that someone reputedly as intelligent as Fraudbull would debase himself to such an extent that he would knowingly present such a dud to the electorate, and try to be convincing whilst doing so.  Well you weren’t Malcolm, you weren’t!  Your squirming embarrassment whilst deliberately lying was blatantly evident in your body language.  As for Phoney calling you “Mr Broadband’?  Any other person would have hit him, fully prepared to suffer the consequences.  You suffered the ultimate insult from someone who quite obviously dislikes you intensely and you obsequiously accepted it.  Oh how the mighty have traduced themselves!  Anyhow, enough of the rant!  From the angst came this;

Con Job

There was also the glad tidings that Barnaby Joyce is prepared to give up his Senate seat (well, possibly, potentially, perhaps, maybe, depending on the election outcome) and is the rump party of the NO Coalition, the National’s, representative for the New England electorate.  One hopes that the strength of Tony Windsor’s support gives him the election and consigns Joyce to history!  After listening to Barnaby’s rambling attempt at verbal coherence and folksy rationale as to why he was the best thing that New England would ever have, brought this to mind;

Mad Barnaby2

We also had Alan Jones doing his usual turn of pre-emptive bigoted nastiness in relation to the Boston bombings.  It doesn’t need much to set Alan going as he spew’s his nasty bigoted, misogynistic, righteous bile into the airwaves.  Trying to encapsulate the revolting nastiness of this person in a word led to this;

Jones in a word

Such contemplations led, naturally, to thoughts about that scoundrel of scoundrels, Phoney Tony Abbott and his deliberate attempts to avoid engagement in any form of discussion or questioning of what he (and his NO Coalition) has planned for Australia should he become (perish the thought) Prime Minister post September 14.  Should that happen it will be a day of infamy!  ‘Infamy, infamy, they’ve all got it infamy!!’ Sorry!  So, thinking of Tony, his general slipperiness, his policy vacuum and Gilbert & Sullivan’s humorous and farcical operettas gave rise to this (maybe Federal parliament is a G&S comic tragedy – worth a thought!);

Phoney Tony O

Such post September 14 apocalyptic thoughts and the announcement that there might be some pain, just a little mind you, not too much, by Phoney “should” they become the next Federal government led to the next Graphical Manipulation.  I use Tony’s “should” advisedly since it is now quite apparent that the NO Coalition has already assumed government and is just waiting to occupy the government offices!  The Labor government is a ‘caretaker government’ for God’s sake!!  The ‘prepare for some pain’ statement led to this, and strangely to ‘Mack the Knife’.  No doubt a subliminal expectation of the slash and burn and knifings that will probably occur “should” the NO Coalition actually occupy the government offices;

Mac the Knife

Naturally such depressing thoughts brought about an overwhelming feeling of ineffectuality in the contemplation that I possessed only one (that’s 1) vote and, consequently, would be relying on a lot of other voters seeing the light (or the impending darkness and horror) and casting their vote for Labor!  Thoughts immediately turned back to that razor, but being of an optimistic mind and always carrying the thought that being somewhat of a ‘Candide’ things would naturally turn out ‘all for the best’, the black humour of the situation came to the fore and became this;

Self Harm

Followed by how you would respond to those who complained about voting NO Coalition;

Coalition apocalypse

And finally, how might we cope with three years of possibly the worst NO Coalition government ever in the worst of all possible times (sorry Mr Dickens!);

Good Ship Australis


And so there we have it!  Leaving you with the usual postscript . . . . . .

No to the NO Coalition MOD1

About deknarf

Australian born and bred who has spent most of his working life in R&D and IP management with earlier forays in the newspaper industry and martial arts. Fortunate enough to be living in one of the best countries in the World, even though I might get grumpy with it from time to time.
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11 Responses to Graphical Manipulations #31: Con Jobs, Fools, Bigots, Liars And A Touch of Gilbert & Sullivan!

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  2. Iain Hall says:

    Desperate Much Mate, be interesting to see what you do come mid September, hopefully It woln’t be self harm from despair that your worst nightmare has come true,


    • deknarf says:

      Nil desperandum Iain! As said I’m ever the optimist, and should dark and evil NO Coalition times descend upon us I shall hunker down, safe and sure in the knowledge that this little lefty lies in the NO Coalition demographic and, that as the sun sets, so also does it rise again!! 😉


      • Joy Cooper says:

        Deknarf., if the worst does happen we can always look on the bright side as Mr Iain Hall may be forced to get a REAL job. The LNP have no time for bludgers so they say. 😆


        • deknarf says:

          I do believe that Mr Eric Abetz will be introducing the New Work Choices but that it will only be formally announced AFTER they have taken government. One can be assured that it isn’t dead, buried and cremated as Phoney Tony has advised. Note that he couldn’t even get those three word in the right order!


      • Iain Hall says:

        Ah well as long as you are able to endure the VERY long dark teatime of the soul the left is facing then I will say well done that man!


        • deknarf says:

          I’m not yet sure who the darkness will consume, nor for whom the bell will toll! We will only know for sure in the later hours of September 14!


  3. Joy Cooper says:

    Excellent Graphical Manipulations, as always, deknarf. Again you have hit the nail on the head.

    What really loomed large for me in the these images was their use of their hands. I’m sure a body language expert would have a field day.

    Turnbull looks as though he is about to grab someone by the arms, shake them & plead, for god’s sake & mine won’t SOMEONE believe me? Help me, I think Tony is about to give me a peck on the cheek.

    Second Choice Joyce’s hand looks like the hand of one those snake oil salesman, standing up on their wagon, trying to coerce the poor pioneers into spending their hard earned on his crap.

    Jones’ hands just look like those sleazy tent preachers trying to appear trustworthy but just end up sounding shonky. Trust me, believe what I am saying & no backchat.or questioning what I am saying.

    As for Abbott, well his hands just look ready to throttle someone, anyone.


    • deknarf says:

      Certainly scary stuff when you see the body language, That’s the valuable thing about visual media, you see all the glances, shoulder & hand motions. And, thanks for the support! 😉


      • Joy Cooper says:

        It’s well deserved, deknarf. 🙂

        Visual media certainly can show a great deal. Only hope the general public are able to read the nuances shown in many pics. There is a fantastic one from the Fraudband presser. It shows Turnbull visibly recoiling away from Abbott who is leaning in towards Mal with lips appearing to be pursed as if he was going to kiss him. It is a classic. Wished I had saved a copy.


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