Graphical Manipulations #32: Strategy, Gonski, Drones And, ‘The Day Of The Billboards!’

It’s the last day in April and the month has left with barely a whimper.  May awaits bringing with it, in all probability, more of what amused, intrigued, and bemused us in April!  Innuendo, rumour, promissory notes, lots of facts all lost and looking for a home as the NO Coalition continues its sloganeering, disingenuous journey to the next election.  In such circumstances electioneering strategy comes to the forebrain and one begins to wonder just exactly what battle plan our illustrious ultra-conservative, free-marketeering carpetbaggers have in store for convincing the voter that their little world vision brings great promise of being ‘comfortable and relaxed’!  Now where have I heard that before?  So I thought that the Liberal National Party Coalition strategy might look something like this;

Trojan Horse Before After


Strategy, voters and gullibility brought about thoughts of education, and that led to Gonski proposals for an education revolution in Australia.  Better educated, literate children leading to better educated, literate and thinking adults?  Now wouldn’t that be great for Australia, both in the social welfare and well-being of the populace and a vibrant, flexible economy!  Well, NO! Not from Phoney Tony Abbott’s perspective who shoved out one of his usual one sentence utterances.  And that led to thinking about what was said and what might have been meant if Tony Abbott had decided to expand on his one liner erudition and not vanish after delivering his ‘in brevis’ view of such a significant moment in history.  It came out something like this;

The Gonski Inequity

After Tony’s enlightenment on the value of the Gonski reforms one usually awaits the emergence of his chattering party negatives to add even more negativity to the debate.  And that lead to thinking about NO Coalition drones.  And strangely that led to thinking about the bold statement of spending $1.5 billion on drones to patrol the Northern Oceans to protect our oil rigs and in their spare time watch out for those nasty little boats full of people invading our shores.  Just what the drones would do should they come upon such invaders remains a mystery – call for marine backup I guess or perhaps, rather than ‘turn back the boats’, sink them with a well placed anti-personnel missile?  Anyhow such thoughts led to this;

Drones Over the North

And, of course, thinking of drones, boats and the subtle use of the billboard to get across a propaganda piece led to initially the one below, and then to a few other’s which I’ll let speak for themselves.  First off was this;

Howard Boats

And that led to this;

The Dud Word

And then to Abbott’s favourite word;

Favourite French Word

El Francaise and then el Oz;

The Nup Word

And mysteriously monosyllaby to speechless nodding when asked about context in an interview;

Nodding Tony

And then to his latest piece of brilliant oration of about 9 minutes on the ABC’s 7:30 report;

Tony Ahs

And that really sums it up I guess!

PS:  A Twitterer kindly gave me the lead on the ‘ah’s’ but, unable to track back to the original Tweet, I underwent excruciating torture listening to the interview AGAIN to do a count!  I’m still recovering from the trauma of listening to Tony Abbott say it all AGAIN – and nothing changed!  Definitely not recommended listening from my perspective and very much akin to eating uni! (The word is Japanese for possibly the most undelectable dish you’ll ever get acquainted with – definitely an acquired taste).


And so there we have it!  Leaving you with the usual postscript . . . . . . Well, not quite!  With just a slight textual variation.  ‘Variations on a Scream’ perhaps?

No to the NO Coalition MOD2

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