Graphical Manipulations #33: Leftovers, TV Interviews, Dud Jets, Dud Gents & Portents!

Apparently, Australians have ‘switched off’ from the political toing and froing with more than a third having ‘little’ or ‘no interest’ in the forthcoming election.  Well it is four months away! And, in the national survey by Melbourne University, (so the survey of 1,000 people was done country-wide or just in Melbourne?) found most (interesting number ‘most’) believed that the quality of leadership and tone of the debate is worse than usual (another fuzzy paradigm).  And, what’s worse, 70 percent lack confidence in the Federal government, including almost half of Labor voters ( so is that half of 5, or 10, or 500, or 1,000)  All I can say is that they don’t appear to acquire and analyse data as I was taught once upon a long time ago.  Maybe statistics has changed since then, maybe?  So the punter (sorry!  A Waterhouse slip there), voter has turned off the boring, negative, hyperbolic, ‘we’ll do it better’, abusive, smarmy, bigoted, sniping which represents the political discourse today?  Well, who could blame them!  Anyhow back to the raison d’être of the Graphical Manipulation.

Obviously, in the anxious rush to stick the last of GM’s up on WordPress one of the graphics got left behind.  So here it is;

Bad Government - Copy

The word ‘BAD’ stirred thoughts of bad interviews and why an interviewer like Leigh Sales of the ABC would, generally, be aggressive and interruptive when interviewing Labor politicians and yet, when it came to that much anticipated Tony Abbott interview, allowed him to actually finish his sentences without interruption and then ask the next question in a polite tone?  Food for thought that one, which led to this;

Simper & Whimper

Thinking of the antithesis of simpering and whimpering induced a quantum leap to growling and the enlightenment that the next batch of unbelievably expensive aircraft we would be receiving from the good ole US of A would come accompanied by ‘Growler Technology’.  The mind boggled and produced this;

Growling Aircraft

Expensive aircraft, growling, air superiority naturally induced strong feelings about that supposedly brilliant (and ultra-expensive) piece of as yet not quite, but nearly there, sometime, well pretty soonish, give or take a century, aircraft the JOINT STRIKE FIGHTER!!  Thanks to John Howard for committing us to what looks like being a very expensive piece of dud airframe which reflects this view;

NC Joint Strike Fighter

Expensive (well the suits are), duds, lacking real strike capability led, without much of a stretch to this;

Men of Distinkshun

And, given that another of the NO Coalitions many duds can actually ride a bike, to this;

Onya Bike

Such thoughts devolved into thinking of the vapid and vacuous, the lack of substance and led to this;

Aurora Borealis

Naturally this led to NO Coalition leftovers from the Howard Trauma and bold plans for a bright Australian future, and brought forth this;

Baggage and Vision

And finally, such reminiscences led to dark thoughts and grim portents which ended up looking like this;

No Coalition Cometh


And so there we have it!  Leaving you with the usual postscript . . . . . . !

No to the NO Coalition MOD2

About deknarf

Australian born and bred who has spent most of his working life in R&D and IP management with earlier forays in the newspaper industry and martial arts. Fortunate enough to be living in one of the best countries in the World, even though I might get grumpy with it from time to time.
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4 Responses to Graphical Manipulations #33: Leftovers, TV Interviews, Dud Jets, Dud Gents & Portents!

  1. patriciawa says:

    deknarf, I’ve been here before and been impressed by your imagery. So apt and so funny. It takes me an age to to find an appropriate illustration. Maybe I should visit you first and ask permission to copy/replicate! Time runs away with me these days and like Tony Abbott I get a bit confused so finding ways to make that side of my pome posts simpler would help.

    Thank you for your ongoing interest in my polliepomes. Finding ways to laugh at Abbott’s antics is the only way to put up with the Coalition. Being noticed is an unexpected bonus in my ‘senior years!’ Don’t like that euphemism. I mean old age really – how do you do that crossing out trick?


    • deknarf says:

      You are more than welcome to use any of the graphic manipulations. Usual requirement is that source is acknowledged but I’ve now tagged all the later ones with my WordPress address so even that’s not necessary, unless you wish to!
      Always enjoy your polliepmes — keep it up!


  2. Joy Cooper says:

    Another well done GM, deknarf. Love it. Re Leigh Sales I never went along with the hype when she went to 7.30 Report from Lateline. Had thought then she tended to show a preference towards the Liberals so was surprised when she, initially, didn’t put up with Abbott’s crap. Unfortunately, she seems to have returned to old habits & ways of preferential treatment for the right wing interviewees.


    • deknarf says:

      Yes, it’s an interesting change in interview style, making one wonder whether she has different instructions depending on who she interviews. Generally pretty disappointing!


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