Graphical Manipulations #34: Calibrated Women, Airports, Policies & Laborious Dilemma’s!

The previous week of Wayne Swan and various Labor politicians looking serious about the need to trim back the deficit and Phoney Tony Abbott and various NO Coalition hyperbolic’s telling us that Labor had ‘lost the plot’, and that the ‘world was about end and disappear into a fiscal black hole’, and ‘we’ll have to wait to be open about our policies until we see the state of the budget’ really did need a pressure breaker!  And Tony Abbott was only too happy to oblige with his inept phrasing ‘women of calibre’ while talking about his parental leave which, apparently, he is the only one ‘wrapt’ with such a Rolls Royce policy!  The business community seems wholly disproving about paying for it, but I doubt we’ll see much of a hue and cry and advertising blitz decrying it!  Unlike the mining tax hoo ha!

But nevertheless, our thanks to Phoney for giving us an entry point into a bit of graphical manipulation.  A poster seemed an adequate way to try and discern the true meaning of what represents a ‘woman of calibre’.  So there’s this;

Woman of calibre 1

And then a consideration of the word ‘calibre’ which gave us: 1. The diameter of a cylindrical body, especially the internal diameter of a tube or the bore of a firearm; 2. The diameter of a shell or bullet; 3. Ability, distinction (as in a ‘musician of high calibre’) and 4. Personal character (as in a [wo]man of high calibre).  From Old French, via the Italian calibre, from the Arabic galib = a shoemaker’s last, mould.  So there you go.  And the general militariness of the word led, naturally, to this;

Woman of calibre 2

That was followed by imagining who might be calibrated in the NO Coalition and Julie Bishop came immediately to mind;

Woman of calibre 3

Leading naturally to the antithesis of ‘calibre’ which gave rise to this;

Woman of calibre 4

Turning back to the week’s proceedings was the ire raised by the continued obfuscation and badgering about, ‘passing the buck’ and umming and awing about the site of the next airport in Sydney.  There’s been enough reports on the airport issue to paper a full scale model Airbus A 380!!  The angst gave rise to this;

Badgerys Creek

And that turned to policies or the lack of them from the NO Coalition (of course) giving rise to;

NC Traffic Solution

And to the NO Coalitions release of their Industrial Relations policy when you don’t want people to know what is ‘actually’ in the policy;

NC IR policy

And finally, despite managing to run a minority government to full term (probability 92%), hold together the disparate interests of the Independent and The Greens, and to actually get some decent stuff into legislation.  As well manage the economy reasonably well whilst the Global Financial Crisis continues to wreck economies world-wide, you have to wonder why, whatever Labor does, it just can’t get clear air.  And such thoughts led to this;

Labors funeral march

PS: I do try to be bipartisan but it’s a bit hard when you think that the NO Coalition will bring recession to Australia, when we are well positioned to take the opportunities from the GFC recovery – see graphic below!


And so there we have it!  Leaving you with the usual postscript . . . . . . !

No to the NO Coalition MOD2

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12 Responses to Graphical Manipulations #34: Calibrated Women, Airports, Policies & Laborious Dilemma’s!

  1. Ali T. Dawson says:

    To outside eyes, Australian political leaders are being held to a ludicrously high standard. It brings to mind that hoary old adage about Louisianan politicians: that they could survive anything apart from being found in bed with a dead woman or a live boy. All it takes in Australia, apparently, is to wake up on four consecutive Monday mornings with a lacklustre poll. Curiously, the headline in the Washington Post this morning was another slump in Barack Obama’s approval ratings, with support for his economic stewardship at an all-time low. But it’s hard to detect any great sense of crisis, for the polls ebb and flow.


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  3. Liz Blight says:

    love it so insightful, clever person that you are


  4. Joy Cooper says:

    Love them all, deknarf. You are so good at this. Excellent GMs. 🙂


  5. kate ahearne says:

    Lovely stuff, and thanks for noticing us at Fair Media Alliance – How do you feel about other sites ‘borrowing’ your wonderful work?


    • deknarf says:

      Thanks Kate! We tries to do our best!
      Have no problems with use of the works as I now put my wordpress site on the graphics, and usually just require acknowledgement/attribution if the work isn’t marked! So take what you like, or advise and I’ll send you the originals by email if required.


  6. Iain Hall says:

    And the first one as well because I love that sort of art work 🙂


  7. Iain Hall says:

    I like the last one Deknarf 😉


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