Graphical Manipulations #38: More Paraprosi Thingy’s, Jesters, Summation, Opiates, Pond Scum & The Rat!

Perish the thought that this little bloggy thing should count down the days until September 14 where Orstraliya will decide whether we stay with the socialist leaning, equity pushing Labor Party or go down the NO Coalition’s promissory (but essentially propagandist) road to nirvana – well something similar anyway!  More a deep, dark, dank and unwelcome rough and rubbly road I suspect – but there you go!  None so blind as those that no longer listen (mixed metaphorically speaking)!  So I’ll leave the counting backwards from 100 to those who find some delight in such boring pastimes and look to what might await us should the unthinkable happen and Australia opts for a government of ultra-conservative Howard has-beens who are totally bereft of any morality, ethics, ideas and intellectual nous!  Well, there was once one in there who could lay claim to some intellectual nous but unfortunately, what was once someone with some credibility, has just become a Fraudbull selling a Fraudband to a gullible public and trying to look respectable while he tells little fibby things!

So thinking about who might be fit and proper people to attach a paraposi thingy too, one was naturally drawn to Eric Abetz (Shadow Monster for Workplace & Employment Relations), he who will be the instigator of the NO Coalition’s ‘NO Workchoices’ industrial relations policy should he be given such an opportunity.  And this came to mind;

Para Abetz

And this immediately drew the mind to one of our favourites, Julie Bishop.  She of the ‘Death Stare’ and the throwaway ejaculation on being expelled from the House for behaving in an unseemly fashion.  As a potential Foreign Minister she’ll make an excellent Minister of the Gaffe considering her recent comments (apparently fictional) about Indonesia’s view of the NO Coalition’s ‘Turn Back The Boat’s’ policy.  It ain’t gonna happen Julie, and maybe you should consider this;

Foolish Bishop

Moving up the scale from base to mediocre drew attention to the Leader of the Opposition Tony Abbott and his strained ‘great mates’ relationship with his potential nemesis Malcolm Turnbull (aka Fraudbull).  Somehow Bill Shorten slipped into the frame (oooooh how I dislike that little piece of nastiness) and added his personal dream scenario to the imagery;

A shared Joke

And we just can’t go anywhere without running into Joe Hockey (he who would be Treasurer) and his mathematical expertise, and so this happened;

Hockey Sums Up

Talking of summing up gave way to visions of the populace being gulled by untruths, distortions and attempts to undemocratise democracy and lead to thinking about opiates (I have no idea why?);

NC Poppy Fields

Following on from such thoughts, led to contemplation of what the Australian voter might really want?  I suspect good governance, strong and enlightened leadership, clever thinking to develop a smart and robust economy and government by those who believe in equity, fairness and quality social systems.  The alternatives to non fulfilment of such desires led to this;

NC Pond Scum

And, of course, to top it all off the rat came back;




And so there we have it!  Leaving you with the usual postscript . . . . . . !

No to the NO Coalition MOD1

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