Graphical Manipulations #41: Knives, Facts, Signs, Rats & Portents!

Finally the Ruddifications have been put to bed and ‘the people’s Prime Minister’ is the Prime Minister again, much to the chagrin of Phoney Tony Abbot and the NO Coalition.  And I must admit that there appears to be a lot of disappointment out there that Julia Gillard was as effectively shafted by those Unionista’s who hold things by the ‘short n curly’ [sorry! disgraceful pun].  I’m disappointed to see Julia go (especially out of parliament) but there needed to be a circuit breaker and I guess that was the only way to do it.  I have mixed feelings about the Kevin Rudd return because, despite polling evidence to the contrary, I don’t think he’s the messiah.  But if he wins the 2013 election I’ll forgive him!  We shall see!  And enough said from me.  I am full of confidence that the mainstream media will simply transfer their negativity and hyperbole across to Kevin and continue on unabated serving only the NO Coalition and themselves!

Anyhow returning to the Ruddstoration!  But just short n sharp!  I’ve done a GM on Shorten before on a GM of him outside a restaurant on his mobile, doin the dirty on Rudd.  And now he’s done it again to Julia!  With a friend like that, you don’t enemies just a weapon proof vest;

Rudd Shorten back turn

I almost wept when the tragic Bill Shorten appeared to tell one and all how difficult it had been to make the decision to bury Julia and that there’d be a lot of friends not talking to him anymore!  Tres tragic!!  And then the bloody facts got in the way of a slimy little sob story and blew it all away – didn’t they Bill?  There was Bill sitting on a close one, and promising to get worse, with Julia as PM – and then he wasn’t anymore!  How fortunate was that;

Factoid Shorten

As we still have such a long way to go with NO Coalition one-liners, posters and hidden policy behind the gullibility trap one liners there’s this in the spirit of continuation;

Abbott scrap mine tax

The desire of the NO Coalition conservatives (and their leftover ‘born to rule’ philosophy from the Ming days) to make sure that those on the lowest of wages don’t get above their station in life gives us this;

Abbott scrap poor paid tax

You might recall (and then again you might not) that we presented some reading suggestions prior to the Festive Season .  One of those was an exciting tale of derring do, in which the players successfully ruin a career, find a mainstream media perfectly happy not to delve too deeply into seeking the truth, and successfully work towards getting one of the players as the National Party candidate for some obscure electorate previously the bailiwick of the ruined.  Well, in the light of some new information which has just slipped out, the book has been redrafted to include strong denials by a new player with numeracy problems who has subsequently been caught out lying!  Still a damned good read!  You’ll just love the punch line delivered by none other than Clive Palmer; 

Ashby brough pyney hockey & me

Luckily, before becoming too engrossed in the dark side of such goings on, the rat came back to lift the mood with this;

Abbott internet gaffe

And this;

Abbott parlt games

Followed by this;

Abbott Wyatt crassness

Cheeky little fellow!

Then came the news that the shadowy immigration spokesthing Scott Morrison was off to Indonesia to understand what was happening on the ground.  And I thought the problems were happening at sea;

Indonesia Morrison

As usual Phoney Tony Abbott provided ample graphic opportunities to have a small dig at his large failings.  Leading to this;

Silk purse sows ear

I was tempted to use a phrase I’d heard which goes something like; ‘you can’t polish a ???!’  But the last word avoided my recollection.  And finally, thanks to the little fellow in the uncompromising, somewhat blue tie, this;

Wanted Abbott



And so there we have it!  Leaving you with the usual postscript . . . . . . !

No to the NO Coalition MOD1

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