Graphical Manipulations #44: Low Cost Drones, Falsity, Pies, Diatribes, The Rat, And A Word Or Two!

Another week passes and we continue to be politically inundated with the half-truths, outright lies, grandiose exaggerations, slogans, etcetera by politicians ever eager to convince you that the other bunch are a mob of disingenuous, half-truth telling, outright liars who are prone to grandiose exaggeration and the spouting of slogans!  Makes you wonder when we will be put out of our misery by attending some public school, getting some bored person responsible for the first letter in your surname to scratch a lead pencil through your name, give you paper with other names on it, on which you will (with a lead pencil carefully tied to a paper booth) put several numbers, or not, wander over to some boxes with slits in them and, in the ultimate voting rite, shove your bits of paper through the appropriate slits!  Thence you leave by the door without the huge queue on it, look at all the other eager beavers in the queue that you were in which has subsequently got much longer, and wander back home confident that you have played your role in that most masterful invention of man – the democratic process!

The week also provided a veritable grab bag of graphics, clearly with their primary objective of being suitably manipulated and, as we had been spoken to by an invisible entity from out of the air, another invisible entity, how could we not – graphically manipulate, that is!

Given that it behoves the NO Coalition to demonstrate that they would ‘RECTIFY THE BUDGET’ whilst they would ‘STOP THE BOATS’ thoughts turned to the purchase of drones which would help ‘STOP THE BOATS’ and how they might lower the cost of said drones; and those considerations resulted in this;

Low cost drones

Then it came to light during the week that Mr Eleventy (aka Joe Hockey) was (again) caught out ‘SLOGANING A SLOGAN’ that was, well, not entirely factual.  As this behaviour seems to be of regular occurrence the PoliFact graphic didn’t need much further embellishment to give it its true perspective;

Hockey says it all

And of course it was pies last week, and then we get another pies graphic snitched from some TV news program this week related to another dissemination of half-truth, outright lie, grandiose exaggeration or slogan, etcetera which led to a personal outright lie and this;

Abbott pays in pies

And that made one think of what it might be like to be in a meeting with said Phoney Tony (aka Tony Abbott) while he told all and sundry that he would ‘STOP THE BOATS’, ‘RULE FOR ALL’, ‘AXE THE TAX’, ‘AND SO FORTH’! OOPS, Sorry!  And that led to this;

Hark oh my people

And then my favourite Rattus rattus returned, still somewhat indignant at only having one go last time! So, in a ‘WE’LL MAKE PEACE’ gesture we thought it might be wise to give him some ‘HOPE, REWARD, OPPORTUNITY’ and a ‘STRONGER, BETTER FUTURE’ with two extra light-hearted digressions from the trials and tribulations of life! He started with this;

Abbott forgets

Gleefully added this;

Abbott on intangibles

Once back on his feet from rolling about laughing he added this;

Dinosaur Abbott

And then delivered the ‘COUP DE GRACE’ with this;

Ellis on Abbott

Cheeky little bugger!

And finally it all came down to what appeared to be Phoney Tony’s most coherent statement about markets, non delivery, invisible substances and no-one!  WOW! I was Impressed, then confused, uncomfortably uncertain, and finally deflated when it was discovered that Phoney had largely pinched his lines!  And that led to this;

Plagairiser Abbott

FOOTNOTE: Whilst at University the use of other people’s words without appropriate attribution was called plagiarism and you could be expelled for it!  It was considered to be cheating and a reprehensible practice.  It was also a practice largely unacceptable in the business world as well.  In this high tech Google search, Wikipedia world, those who indulge in such a practice are either morally destitute and/or just plain stupid.  Still, as long as it ‘DELIVERS A SLOGAN’, eh?

PS: We haven’t forgotten your skills in this area either Julie Bishop!


And so there we have it!  Leaving you with the not so usual postscript . . . . . . !

No to the NO Coalition MOD2

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Australian born and bred who has spent most of his working life in R&D and IP management with earlier forays in the newspaper industry and martial arts. Fortunate enough to be living in one of the best countries in the World, even though I might get grumpy with it from time to time.
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15 Responses to Graphical Manipulations #44: Low Cost Drones, Falsity, Pies, Diatribes, The Rat, And A Word Or Two!

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  4. Joy Cooper says:

    Iain Hall is using the same egregious excuses for Tony Abbott’s plagiarism as other die hard Liberal supporters elsewhere. There is no change in Abbott’s tone or fluency as he always speaks in a mind-numbing, dreary monotone & exhibits absolutely no fluency of speech at all. Some have even almost tried to insinuate that Abbott was the one who was plagiarised. I’m surprised that Hall didn’t do this.

    Great GMs, defnark, as always. 🙂


    • Iain Hall says:

      clearly you don’t understand the nature of both our politics or our modern society or you would not be complaining about Tony Abbott’s speech using a phrase from elsewhere. Google ANY speech from a political player and you will be surprised just how referential they are to both literary and historical sources. I would argue against the same accusation made against Keven Rudd or even Julia Gillard. Its purely an artifact of the age of Google that any person’s references or allusions in their rhetoric can be so easily discovered. It does not make them plagiarists,it just shows them to be well read.


      • Joy Cooper says:

        Oh for god’s sake, Iain give a rest. No where did I complain about the idiot Abbott’s speech just his monotonous tone. Don’t lecture me about the “nature” of politics. either.

        It is telling that right wing nutjobs think it is kosher for their politicians to plagiarise others, which is ok by me too, when I think about it. It just reinforces our beliefs that they don’t have an original thought in their minuscule brains.


        • deknarf says:

          Well I don’t like plagairisers at all, at all since once upon a time any of my publications had to be all my own work and appropriately referenced.
          I’d prefer politicians who can actually make a powerful speech or point which has been derived from their capacity to THINK and SPEAK English clearly, concisely and meaningfully!


          • Joy Cooper says:

            Most definitely agree with you re plagiarism, deknarf & the need for public figures to be able to speak their own words in public . Plagiarism is an egregious abomination especially when practised by someone who aims to be PM of Australia. His deputy has, apparently, committed her own sins of this ilk. What I was saying about it being ok with me was that when the LNP pollies plagiarise others it just proves they don’t have enough grey matter or nous to think up their own stuff, which stands to reason. 😆

            There is no doubt Julia Gillard could/can give an amazing off-the-cuff speech without any hint of plagiarism, despite what Hall might say about its prevalence in public speaking. Kevin Rudd doesn’t need to stoop to hi-jacking other’s work for his own purposes, as well. .As Abbott is fond of saying, it all goes to character, something he is sadly lacking. For someone who was supposed to be a top debater he also lacks the ability to put two words together coherently or speak unscripted without coaching..


          • deknarf says:

            Couldn’t agree more! Both Gillard & Rudd can speak off-the cuff and coherently! Phoney is probably the most inarticulate would-be PM I’ve ever heard, except form Silly Billy McMahon perhaps! And may I just say ‘I’ve heard a few!’ (Monty Python, circa 1960’s). 😉


      • Iain Hall says:

        did you not notice the part of my comment where I said that I would be just as keen to down play the same sort of thing form either Rudd or Gillard?

        Anyway I am reminded of the apocryphal tale about Oscar Wilde, who upon hearing a particularly witty remark said that he would happily use it himself at some later time, The point is that there is NOTHING that is new or original when it comes to political rhetoric and those who think otherwise do so out of pure and unadulterated ignorance.


        • deknarf says:

          Oooohhh! Nothing that is new or original? You know, I seriously doubt that and an example of that would have to be a Whitlam, or a Keating!


      • deknarf says:

        Well Read!! Phoney seems to have trouble reading a lot of documents these days! Especially those of import to some of his arguments. ;-))


    • deknarf says:

      Thanks for the FM support! 😉
      I’d agree with the proposition that the words were prepared for him, it’s just too clever. So maybe I shouldn’t assign the plagiarist tag to Phoney? Nah! He spoke the words thereby supporting his plagiarist!


  5. Iain Hall says:


    We live in a world where NOTHING is truly novel or new and where everything has been said before so its hardly a crime , either morally or in any legalistic sense to use phrases that have been previously used elsewhere. In any event if you listen to the interview that you cite Tony Abbott for its very clear that he is making a quotation from the change in his tone and fluency as he works at getting the phrase precisely right. At worst Abbott is guilty of not naming his source because there was no pretense or subterfuge that the phrase was his own invention and any claim of plagiarism absolutely requires that there be a pretense of personal invention. Abbott made no such pretense.


    • deknarf says:

      ‘You may very well think that, I couldn’t possibly comment’. Francis Ewen Urquhart, “House of Cards’, (1989). 😉

      Sadly, the only time Phoney Tony beomes remotely coherent, he’s reciting lines pinched from someone else. And, looking at the body language, he even had trouble with memorising the middle bit out!


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