Graphical Manipulations #48: Higgeldy Piggledy, Ruddeldy Puddledy, A Dream, Frauds, The Rat, And Leaps!

THE ELECTORS ELECTION grinds interminably on, and on, and on!  Each day more outrageously outrageous than its predecessor.  Each day brings forth another poll showing the SHOCK, HORROR OUTCOME that Kevin Rudd’s popularity has fallen 1 percentage point, whilst Tony Abbotts popularity has risen by 1 percentage point in a poll with a statistical error on it of +/- 3 percentage points.  The msm journo’s with, quite obviously, zero understanding of statistics pore over the entrails of such shocking information and make their fervent predictions that RUDD’S IN TROUBLE, or ABBOT RIDES HIGH.  You wonder at the (b)anality of it all! Such a thought, and the depressing state of political debate (well debacle really) led quite naturally back to a time when my favourite politician, one Paul Keating, was still around and still casting his scathing insults at the likes of John Howard and Peter Costello.  All of the above reminded of his remark about Australia being the arse end of the world.  That, and an appropriate, amazingly anus like graphic courtesy of Reuters produced this:

Keatings anus

The fetish with the polls, several of them each week, all trumpeting some chilling piece of distrastrous information for one or the other of the political parties, and particularly for Kevin Rudd if Newspolls are to be believed (just quietly, they’re not) gave rise to;

Turbulent Rudd

See! I can sometimes be bipartisan, should a warped, twisted and jaded mind take me there!

But, alas, it soon returned to the NO Coalition angst and gave rise to a dream like state with;

I have a dream

To the dominance that Rupert Murdoch holds over the mainstream media in this country, and his apparent desire to control it through some fellow called Tony Abbott;

Murdoch In Control

That one Malcolm Turnbull, once respected for his integrity and intellect, now has just his intellect left after associating with other NO Coalitionists and their puerile attempt to say that copper wires (much of which is in an advanced state of decrepitude) will do it better than a fibre based broadband.  Oh Malcolm! How the mighty have fallen, to this;

Dishonest Fraudbull

And as the politicians seem to be ever eager to provide the voter (Stupidus gullibus sub species australis) with numerous pledges, elicited thoughts about the pledges that may remain nameless (until after the election), such as:

Abbott scrap GST

And then the rat came back, after running with the pack, with a couple more of his smart arse wisecrack.  Like;

Rat Silly Broadband

And with this;

Capitalism and conscience

Finally, with a parting shot like this;

Divisory Abbott

All of that drew attention to how others might see us in the light of the rampant ugliness, bigotry, misogyny, homophobia, racism, negativity, foreign policy gaffes emanating from the conservatism of this wide brown land.  And such thoughts gave rise to;

The Oz Pariah

And all that lead me to consider where this country might be heading, and what fate might await us should we leap boldly into the future without thought for the consequence.  And that lead to this;

Leap of Faith

Nuff said!


And there we have it!  Leaving you with the usual postscript . . . . . . !

No to the NC First Mod

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  3. Your usual excellent standard deknarf! I’m a bit worried about that picture of the giant arsehole though – it could wind up being elected – although it probably would do a better job than one of the contenders for the position at the moment.


  4. joy cooper says:

    Yet again, you have outdone yourself, deknarf!!


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