Graphical Manipulations #50: Media, Words, Sweeties, That Bloody Rat, Launches, Policies And A Brave New World!

So here we are, four days out from that great moment when the fate of Australia is thrown into the hands of a large number of thinking people and their capacity to vote!  Nah! Just joking!  I should say that the fate of Australia has been thrown into the hands of a a small number of unthinking voters conned by the mainstream media who, without equivocation, are intent on installing a Coalition of Liberals, and their National rump, on the Federal government benches.  Never has Australia seen such a biased presentation, nor lack of serious inquiry into policies, by a News Limited media which is controlled by the whims of a monopolistic owner, and (apparently) supported further by other media outlets such as Fairfax and the ABC, intent on climbing on the bandwagon in their frantic chase for the ‘BIG NEWS STORY’.  You have to search elsewhere now for some decent and balanced reportage.  The bulk of the Australian fourth estate has failed as an essential pillar of democracy.  Herr Goebbels couldn’t have done a better job.

The Dictionary of nasty, inflammatory and derogatory words has been flogged to death in order to denigrate and defile serious investigate journalism.  Don’t believe me?  Here’s a few from the cesspool of mainstream media verbiage gleaned from various articles over several weeks: Talent drain, little credibility, flip-flopping, chameleon, irresponsible, desertion, struggles, shemozzle, poisonous, ludicrous, despised, toxic, ruthless, erratic, appalling, manic, unhinged, overweening disaster, lurching, unfitness disloyal treacherous liar, untrustworthy, assassin, opportunistically, rupturing, flawed, ill-advised, blundering, dysfunctional, hamstrung, deviant, recrudescence, rubric, psychopathic, evil, chaos, dysfunction, clueless, egomaniac, failures, fraught, dishonesty, treachery, cowardice, snivelling, quagmire!!

The quote I’ve reckoned is the best?  “Confirmed to me by impeccable sources!”  Yeh?  Well I have an impeccable source too, it’s my vivid imagination and it’s coloured by fanciful bullshit!

Several vallium, a stiff drink or two and this seemed to sum it all up;

Fourth Estate Murdoch

And that lead to thoughts of things well said and using the English language as she should be used.  Like a rapier and not like a bludgeon;

Bishop Jealosy

Naturally the would be post September 7 Prime Ministerial hopefuls have been out on the hustings and providing photo ops, and selfies and other exciting pieces of graphic for those of the more manipulative bent.  This one was particularly appealing;

Abbott Creation

You’ be wise to leave them in the packet and Tony in the car!

Once again, given the opportunity, the mirthful rat leapt to the podium to deliver his snippets of jocularity, starting with this;

Abbott Handguns Rat

Then providing a tasty little leit motif from the guru of American capitalism;

Class Warfer Rat

Followed by a sharply witty toe dip into the tangled mysteries of international relations with;

Buy the boats rat

And that got us to the NO Coalitions’ election launch and the usual resuscitation of old leaders to inject a bit of gravitas and fond memories of old times into the event.  Mind you, the immediate thought about having John Howard at the launch was a bit “having someone with cold sores manning the kissing booth at the gymkharna!”!  It also reminded of yesteryear and yester people and a convenient graphic lent those thoughts some validity;

Yesterdays Men

And Tony Abbott’s ‘TRUST US PEOPLE’ launch remarks led to the Oz Janus making a reappearance with this;

Janus trust Abbott

That led to thoughts of policy promises, “uncosted policy” promises and taking promises on trust given prior performances by the NO Coalition and their penchant for  qualifications such as ‘core’ and ‘non-core’.  Those thoughts led to;

No coalition lantern

And all of that about yesterday’s yesterdays and trust and policy promises led ultimately to this;

Outdated Abbott

The blog masthead and the bias contained herein clearly indicate where my vote will be cast on September 7.  I’m not voting that way because I think Rudd’s the messiah.  I don’t!  My vote goes to the party that has, on balance, done the best for the people and the country over my lifetime.  And that’s been Labor.  Also, I don’t want to be governed by such small minded people as Abetz, Morrison, Pyne, Bishop (x2), Bernardi, Mirabella, Brandis and Hockey, and led by one of the most negative, misogynistic, xenophobic nasties this country has seen, and that’s Tony Abbott!  The Coalition has taken a huge jump to the ultra-conservative right and it’s about to introduce the Time Warp (aka Howard era) – again!

On Sept 7 evening (early or late) I’ll either be deeply disappointed, or delightfully exuberant!  We shall see!  Whatever the outcome, I’m sure the graphical manipulation opportunities will continue.

POSTNOTE:  Watched QandA last night, something rarely done, to see how Rudd performed.  Extremely well it turns out!  The experience drew the following conclusions:

  • Unless there is a huge turnaround, Rudd  and Labor, despite being the better of two mediocre options, will probably lose the election.  We will be the poorer for it!
  • Tony Jones is, without doubt, the most self-opinionated, self-aggrandising Onanist inhabiting the mainstream media.  Congratulations Tony it takes real effort to stand out from the rest of the msm mediocrity!
  • The preponderance of ‘what about poor, pitiful me’ questions confirmed that we are, indeed, a bunch of whingeing, moaning, me, me, me Hanranhan’s, unappreciative of what was done during (and after) the GFC and where we are now placed economically.  What happened to us, us, us and the ‘fair go’?  In this Rudd’s equity and faireness statements were, sadly, just ‘whistling in the wind’!

Poor bugger my country – with such selfish people in it!

And there we have it!  Leaving you with the usual postscript . . . . . . !

No to the NC First Mod 

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Australian born and bred who has spent most of his working life in R&D and IP management with earlier forays in the newspaper industry and martial arts. Fortunate enough to be living in one of the best countries in the World, even though I might get grumpy with it from time to time.
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7 Responses to Graphical Manipulations #50: Media, Words, Sweeties, That Bloody Rat, Launches, Policies And A Brave New World!

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  2. joy cooper says:

    More excellent GMs deknarf. 🙂 Edward Eastwood’s idea of turning the useless wastes of space the LNP are into something useful had me in hysterics. It would be the only time they ever did anything constructive in their lives. 😆

    Everything crossed for Saturday.


  3. It’s good to be assured that no matter what the outcome, that your posts will keep coming Deknarf, they’ve been the bright spots in what has been a dull, biased and lackluster campaign and a squall of right wing blogging triumphalists (I long for the day when they will have to eat their words) so don’t stop (as the Abbott said to the Bishop)…
    BTW, I have a plan to make our nations capitol more environmentally friendly by burying the entire front bench of the NLP face down in the public car park around Parliament House and their bums used as bicycle racks…do you think that I’ll get any bids on the contract?


    • deknarf says:

      Hmmm? Nice idea! With a bit of further engineering you could probably us the hot air emanating therefrom to inflate the tyres at the same time! Certainly a novel and innovative idea worthy of patent protection! ;-))
      PS: Thanks for the accolades. We tries to do our best and once I’ve recovered from either deep depression (NO Coalition wins) or exuberant elation (Labor wins) I shall continue with the graphical manipulation!


      • I sincerely hope that the latter prevails, after all as Mal Fraser was fond of saying; ‘the only poll that counts is the one on election day.’ Keep the faith, cast your vote wisely.


        • deknarf says:

          The optimist in me says that the polls aren’t reflecting reality (akin to the Obama election) but maybe it’s just optimistically clutching at straws! We shall see on Sept 7!


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