Graphical Manipulations #51: Infamy, Infamy! They’ve All Got It Infamy! And Other Bits!

Well, it’s all over apart from the self-congratulatory gloating smarminess of the victorious NO Coalition, the vitriolic name calling and blame gaming of the Labor factions and the gratuitous smug satisfaction of a self-aggrandising mainstream media still unable to let go and already huffy puffing about how the new era will be under a new government and Labor leadership ructions.  Ewww! It looks like the vomitous diatribe is going to continue for the forseeable future.

Anyhow, to the main game! It seemed to the lefty cognoscenti and latte sipping intelligentsia amongst us that rationality and critical thinking would prevail against the odds, and the great unwashed, and Labor would be recognised, despite its infighting stupidity, as having ‘done generally good’, and would scrape over the line for a third term!  It was not to be and as indicated last time I was deeply disappointed and immediately reminded of an event that occurred just a couple of years before my time on this planet.  Such thoughts gave rise to;

No Coalition Surprise

And to;

“Yesterday, September 7, 2013, a date which will live in infamy, the Australian State was suddenly and deliberately subsumed by forces of the NO Coalition, an unthinking electorate and the Empire of Murdoch.

Australia was at the moment a peaceful nation and was still in conversation with its government and its Prime Minister looking toward the maintenance of a healthy economy and a happy people.  Indeed, only hours before the unthinking electorate had commenced choosing their next government the NO Coalition and their Murdochian colleague delivered to the Australian government several formal THREE WORD SLOGANS to a recent message.  While this reply stated that it seemed useless to continue resisting STOP THE BOATS, TURN THE BOATS and BUY THE BOATS, it contained no threat or hint of anything intelligible, or armed smarmyness.

It will be recorded that the behaviour of the NO Coalition and the Empire of Murdoch makes it obvious that the destruction of democracy was deliberately planned many weeks or even years ago.  During the intervening time these conspirators have deliberately sought to deceive Australia by false statement and propagandistic expressions of three word slogans.”

With apologies to Franklin Delano Roosevelt, December 7 1941.

Having now regained some sanity post election shock, a last fling (until next time) of the PolitiFact graphics related to our new anti-Immigration Minister Scott Morrison gave rise to;

Liar Morrison

And that gave rise to thoughts about government, public servant cuts, Prime Ministerialism and shadowy figures with;

Know your government

Thoughts about the new governance of my country and media comparisons between our new leader Anthony J Abbott and George W Bush, naturally, gave rise to;

Jubya Abbott

While on a roll who should get themselves back into the headlines but BLOODY LABOR AGAIN, as the bickering and infighting began over who shall be the next leader, and whether Kevin Rudd should step down or be executed by firing squad!.  And to my extreme angst, that most devious, back-stabber of them all, Bill Shorten is proposed as the next leader?  Yah what?  That revelation lead to;

Danger man Shorten

And in a day of revelations (you could just about write a book, eh?) the news that Bob Carr would step down from the Senate to be replaced by Paul Howes really blew the pot off the stove!  Doesn’t Labor ever learn?  That little snippet of information became;

Unrepresentative Howes

It would seem that Labor needs to remember four important pillars for success:

  1. Dirty washing is not aired in public but placed in a washing machine! A sealed device that cleans the washing so that it can be safely aired in public!
  2. Labor is reputedly a party of the people.  It isn’t a nice little sinecure for a bunch of union hacks and time servers who essentially represent only 16% of the Australian workforce!
  3. Disunity is death!! I’ll say it again (in capitals): DISUNITY IS DEATH! Also note it’s a three word slogan!
  4. You are not the mainstream media’s friend, the story you give them is!  The chooks that Joh fed are not the household variety which is why he treated them with cautious contempt!  They tend to have sharp beaks and claws and vulturine behaviour patterns!

OooooooooooH! You are making me VERY ANGRY Labor!!

After several repeats of the three word mantra ‘CHANGE OR DIE’ contemplative thoughts returned once more to elections, and hope, reward, opportunity and this;

Leap of Blind Faith

And leaps of blind faith led to promises obscured by the fog of duplicity and choice, and errors of judgement, and that led to;

True believers


And there we have it (sans the usual end bit now that it’s all over until the next time or earlier if there’s a double dissolution sometime in the next 12 to 18 months)!

PS: The Rat is currently too traumatised to say anything remotely witty and is recovering slowly!

About deknarf

Australian born and bred who has spent most of his working life in R&D and IP management with earlier forays in the newspaper industry and martial arts. Fortunate enough to be living in one of the best countries in the World, even though I might get grumpy with it from time to time.
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10 Responses to Graphical Manipulations #51: Infamy, Infamy! They’ve All Got It Infamy! And Other Bits!

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  3. joy cooper says:

    More very excellent GMs deknarf. Don’t lose heart though. Remember the despicable & deceitful Libs had three LOTOs in their first three years in Opposition.


    • deknarf says:

      The flame of anti-conservatism will never die! And thanks for the support! 😉
      There’s an enormous amount of angst out there against the NO Coalition government already and they haven’t even been sworn in yet!


      • joy cooper says:

        There are many reasons for all that angst, too. What is so laughable, (that is if we can summons up the will to laugh 😦 ), Abbott has been hankering for the job of PM for so long now, I doubt he even believes it is true. You’d think he would have had his ministry all sorted ages ago & sworn in by Tuesday, at least, but oh no nearly a week later still not a real PM. The welcome possibility of a Mirabella loss & the wait to obtain the final result for her seat would not be the only excuse for this delay.

        Perhaps Abbott is too chicken. Did notice when Kevin Rudd was making small talk with Abbott about whether his daughters would be also living at the Lodge, TA could hardly get his words out & stumbled over them. Must not have had someone talking into his earpiece. 😆

        PS Something that fills me with horror is the fact that Julie Bishop is one fall off a bike from being Liberal leader ergo PM. Aaaarrrggghh!!


        • deknarf says:

          Yes, whilst there was a large swing away from Labor only about 1.7% of it went to the NO Coalition. Labor comprehensively lost this election, the NO Coalition didn’t really win it! So they can use their so-called ‘mandate’ as Jubya Abbott’s suppository! I suspect that my satirical Believe graphic might prove to be more relevant than the ‘satire’ that was intended! Ewwwwww!


  4. What can I say Deknarf? Bitterly disappointing? Definitely! The ALP now has two choices; play along and shape their policies to mirror the NLP and follow the neo-liberal lite line as they have since the time of Beasley, or get back to their roots and represent the majority of Australians who want a party dedicated to the welfare of the many not just the privileged few? One can only hope for the latter. Should they choose the former – it’s another decade or more in the political wilderness.


    • deknarf says:

      Indeed! A ‘rather unfortunate outcome’ if you like understatement! ;-))
      The disappointing bit is that Labor appears not to have learnt from this little episode and is already selecting union hacks such as Shorten and Howes for sinecures without proper process.
      We need a party that has the interested of the people, the country and the economy at heart, in that order of balance. If Labor doesn’t fill the niche then, hopefully, some other group will. They will get my vote!
      Should Shorten become LOTO then this little long time Labor supporter will no longer be so!


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