Graphical Manipulations #55: Driving, Sails, Krill, Books, Rorts, The Rat & Last Words!

It’s a bit like being in the so-called ‘Phoney War’ (September ’39 to April ’40, World War II)!  The ‘blitzkreig’ of the election is over and the various confected emergencies have faded away, the press has been remarkably quiet and our new government has been incredibly noticeable, predominantly by its almost complete absence!  Which of course gives rise to thinking about phoney’s and naturally Phoney Tony Abbott and the NO Government slithered into mind – as it should!

While putting the words to the graphics on this public holiday Monday evening news came to hand about the 17 kilometre traffic jam coming back into Sydney from the North and that a similar one of around 5 kilometres was also making its presence felt in the south.  Ahh! Sydney traffic!  As a, once frequent, traveller on the M5 it makes you wish for something like this;

M5 driving

And the Australian centennial fleet celebrations over the weekend saw a visit, along with our very modern navy, from the tall ships of yesteryear and lent tangibility to thoughts of the past, and conservative visions of how it might have been;

Back to Yesteryear

Overall it was an educational weekend in that we also learnt that the Antarctic krill, those creatures who make up a substantial part of cetacean’s gustatory dreams, were beginning to suffer stress brought about by our ever present demon, Anthropogenic Global Warming.  And we wondered what our new ‘AGW is crap’ Prime Minister might have to say about such a matter;

Stressed Krill

On another matter entirely, thoughts turned to how blinded we were by the hype and huffy puff from a then Opposition about the incompetence of our, then current, government, who by their own hand ably assisted in their demise.  With thoughts of what happened to those blindees in the Day of the Triffids the following came to mind as to what might be in store for us in the coming years.  A book! By none other than our fearless leader (expect a critique once I have had the courage to read between the lines);

Abbott Book Day of the Truffles

And books, and the nefarious acquisition of such, delivered us into the realm of politicians, porkies, troughs and rorts especially with our very own George Brandis;

Bookworm Brandis

As there appear to be so many sipping from the well, or is that snuffling at the trough, of taxpayer largesse thoughts turned to collective nouns, again;

Collective Rort Nounery

Then the Rat, always at the fore when there’s a free feeding frenzy, rampaged back with a few enlightenments of his own regarding our own Peter Reith (aka rorter extraordinaire);

Rat Rorting Reith

And Tony ‘Jubya’ Abbotts penchant for paying back;

Rat Slipper Payback

And how those big and bold THREE WORD SLOGANS about boats a-turning seem to have changed tack;

Rat Boat Conundrum

Sadly, some of the crew had failed to hear the call to ‘reef the mainsail’ and ‘batten down the hatches’ and had missed seeing the oncoming squall as they bravely thrust the good ship Operation Sovereign Stupidity into the growing storm;

Rat No Towbacks

As we sailed upon the stormy seas of APEC and the moving pictures of leaders meeting and being gracious and leader-like we once again thought of words like gauche, hesitant, strained, malapropos, shallow, stumbling, awkward!  I have no clear idea of why.  And those thoughts distilled, became this;

Abbott in a word


And there we have it (sans the usual end bit now that it’s all over until the next time or earlier if there’s a double dissolution sometime in the next 12 to 18 months especially of Jubya Abbott gets really pissed off by a recalcitrant and obstructionary Senate or the Indonesian’s don’t invade us for behaving like white supremacist colonialists or Jubya doesn’t have half his cabinet step down because they been playing fast and loose with the government coffers)!

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