Graphical Manipulations #57: Children, Crosses, Kamikaze Republicans, That Rat, And Speaking Hypothetically!

Well, another week of non-governing by our beloved Tony ‘Jubya’ Abbott has passed by and, entirely as expected, there has been no CRITICAL BUDGET EMERGENCY, nor a SOVEREIGN BORDER INVASION, nor MUCH ATALL REALLY!  We have, however, had some indications of what the BOLD NEW FUTURE might be like under our new NO COALITION GUVMINT, and it doesn’t appear to augur well – but more on that later.  What exciting graphical bits have we gleaned from the media sources which, while telling their own story, can, with a few embellishments, reflect something entirely different.

The morbidly depressing graphic of children at joyful play shooting one another drew the question as to why they weren’t at school, which led to just what they were being taught, which led to;

Teach your children well

Then we came across the new recruits being taught a bit of military bearing which lead, given the shapes of the rods on their backs, to this;

Cross to bear

One of the highlights of the week was the final ridiculously embarrassing surrender of the US Republicans (for Oz read NO Coalition) after holding not only their country, but also most of the rest of the world to ransom because they have a thing about Obamacare.  Stuff democracy, stuff good government, stuff the unpaid workers, stuff the slowly reviving economy, stuff the rest of the world – we’ll show ‘em!  Hey, they still got paid didn’t they?  I bet their mortgages got paid!  I bet they weren’t too inconvenienced!  And this United States of America is supposed to be the pillar of democracy?  What a sick joke that is!  Thinking about Republicans and Tea Party’s, led to this and the frightening thought that the same philosophical bunch is in charge here;

Republican Joke

Which created thoughts about POOR BLOODY OZ and what it’s ended up with as a government after Labor successfully trashed the confidence people had put in them.  That led to thinking about the ‘good old days’!  And then, thinking of Jubya Abbott, and even further back, led to:

Stone Age Abbott

Naturally, once we got back into local politics that cheeky Rat appeared on the scene to provide a jaundiced view of Labor’s Trish Crossin just oozing out the vitriol with;

Rat Crossin

And to place a more murine perspective on our beloved Clive Palmer and his PUP’s with;

Rat Palmer United

Such gems of ratty wisdom led then to thoughts of the ministerial minnowness of the NO Coalition government and what would happen should there be a juxtaposition of a suitable ministerial portfolio and a few random, but reasonably appropriately selected, quotes that seem to fit the views expounded by these hydrocephalics who are bringing in the New Order for Oz – hypothetically speaking that is!  So we ended up with Educations’ Christopher Pyne and;

Hypothetical Pyne

The Leader Tony ‘Jubya’ Abbott and;

Hypothetical Abbott

That great Environmentalist Greg Hunt and;

Hypothetical Hunt

And our Immigration and final solution master Scott Morrison and;

Hypothetical Morrison


Sums it up all quite nicely I suspect!  Apart from just one further thought: “Most people would die rather than think –in fact, they do so!”  Thanks to Bertrand Russell for that one! The question is; ‘was he thinking about the Oz voter when he coined that little gem?’  😉


And there we have it (sans the usual end bit now that it’s all over until the next time or earlier if there’s a double dissolution sometime in the next 12 to 18 months especially of Jubya Abbott gets really pissed off by a recalcitrant and obstructionary Senate or the Indonesian’s don’t invade us for behaving like white supremacist colonialists or Jubya doesn’t have half his cabinet step down because they been playing fast and loose with the government coffers or he doesn’t end up dying from apology exhaustion to those Northerners who have adopted the view that the white colonialists are no longer the overlords and often say foolishly stupid things when they open their mouths)!

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