Graphical Manipulations #60: Elvis, Bonuses, That Bloody Rat, And Democracy – NO Coalition Style!

Strange it is that a bunch of conservatives go about prior to an election shouting THREE WORD SLOGANS about LABORS TOTAL INCOMPETENCE with a sub-text about the amount of cutting, slashing and general conflagration they’ll undertake to fix Labor’s EXTREME BUDGET EMERGENCY once the voters of OZ elect this NO Coalition who’ll AXE THE TAX, etc, so on and so forth, and voters (post electing said NO Coalition) are shocked and horrified that the new government starts doing what it said it would.  Axing the public service, rescinding all those naughty Labor taxes and taking money out of Joe Public’s pocket to give to their mates etc, etc!

Well HELLOOOOOOO!  Were you all asleep at the wheel?  Did you not hear what they said?  Did you not go and vote NO Coalition because you believed that the Labor government was horror show?  So in the vernacular, ‘Suck it up Princess’!  You’ve got three whole years of this in which the nasty shocks will keep coming, you’ll be suitably horrified and cry blood, until you are suitably mollified by some small tax cut to tempt you to vote for the NO Coalition again!  Such is the politics of Oz!

Also shocked and horrified were those stalwarts of the fourth estate, our esteemed mainstream media, who now find themselves no longer cosseted, fawned over, and tantalisingly leaked to by the now terse, close-mouthed and insular NO Coalition government.  You’ve become those beloved of Jo Bjelke-Petersen, the media chooks – picking at some meagre scraps thrown to you with disdain.  And you thought it was true love didn’t you?  A love that would last forever, nurtured, fed regularly with gifts of breaking news and exclusives, cosy, over dinner, evening chats revealing all!  How does the cold wind of rejection feel?  Perhaps like it felt to those in the public who trusted your honesty, integrity and balance only to see it thrown away as tawdry, inconsequentialities getting in the way of your own agenda and grasping avarice for THE BIG STORY!  You too can ‘suck it up princess’ and try to regain a vestige of the principles that were once ascribed to you by actually respecting your calling and the guiding principles that go with it!

Such is life, and now back to the more mundane Graphical Manipulations!  Hope you enjoy them as much as I like thinking them up!

I just knew that those rumours of Elvis’ death were premature.  There he was in downtown Moscow in his new job of beating up on the local riff-raff!  Don’t believe me?  See for yourself;

Elvis Lives

Apart from the shock, horror of the public servants, Joe Public was also shockingly horrified when the NO Coalition did, as they said they would, and moved to abolish the schoolkids bonus, giving rise to;

Schoolkids bonus

And of course, once we turned our mind to satirical thoughts about our fabulous new Federal Government that piece of rodentish jocularity Rattus got in on the act with;

Rat class warfare

With a bit of a dig at silence and science at the same time with;

Abbott n science

Felt that Laurie (Pontifical) Oakes’ outrage was worthy of a mention:

Laurie Oakes smokes

Aww Laurie!  Don’t feel so rejected.  You acted like a media tart, and they just treated you like one!  And finally, the Rat left his parting words for the biggest pile of rat scats that he’d seen in a long time with;

Ratt power laffing

Luckily we caught him before he had a cardiac arrest and he’s now sedated and should recover fully – as long as nobody mentions carbon dioxide and power bills.

It was nice, we thought, that Mr Eleventy strode to the defence of his esteemed leader after vile accusations of low profile politics.  This seemed appropriate under the circumstance;

Abbott flat out

And the bold steps taken by the Prime Minister to stop all that naughty rorting and snuffling trough guzzling by pollies on the make was deserving of this;

Tony fixes it

And the blustering, arrogant silence of Morrison with his OPERATION SOVEREIGN BORDERS looking, daily, more like OPERATION SOVEREIGN STUPIDITY was richly deserving of some comment with;

The silence of the morrison

We remained optimistically hopeful that the voters of Oz would finally realise what they had done with;

The truth dawns

Which for some strange reason led to thoughts about suppositories, Tony Abbott and just what might said suppositories of wisdom look like?  Those thoughts led (painfully) to;

Wisdom Suppositories

I’m given to understand that free, assisted implantation is on offer with every suppository supplied!


And there we have it!

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  4. You’ve excelled yourself D.
    ROFALMAO when I read today’s post, the anger and contempt for these vipers encapsulates the whole sorry shitful scenario. One of your best efforts mate, keep ’em coming and maintain your rage!
    ps. I KNEW Elvis was still alive. He, Bruce Lee, Jimi Hendrix, and John Lennon are really still alive and living on a secret island somewhere off the coast of Tassie. No, really! I read it in one of Rupert’s shining examples of mainstream media journalism and as we all know Rupert would never lie to the public or the British Parliament.
    ps Could I humbly request that if you’d like to make a comment on my blog site (even if it’s ‘Blah..’!), then your e-mail address will appear. There are a couple of things I’d be delighted to discuss with you but not in the public forum. Naturally, this is up to you and I’ll understand if you don’t wish communicate. In the meantime… keep punching!


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