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Graphical Manipulations #67: Years End. And A Reprise!

Well here it is, New Year’s Eve and a bedraggled Western 2013 staggers towards the exit whilst a youthful 2014 awaits in the wings for its year of glory (or not), and in a month’s time the exhausted Snake will … Continue reading

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Graphical Manipulations #66: Whither Next, Seals, Diplomacy, Frootloops, Budgets, Handouts And Wishful Thoughts!

As we assume the crash positions for our upcoming FESTIVE SEASON BASH and the country effectively closes down (except for the Boxing Day Sales) and becomes comatose with self-indulgence and alcoholic excessiveness the mind turns to the spirit of Christmas … Continue reading

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Graphical Manipulations #65: Icons, Freedom, The Rat, Con Jobs, Duplicity, Nounery And Jokers!

The word, I suspect, for this week is – Inept: Having, or showing, no skill; clumsy. Synonyms:  incompetent, unskilful, unskilled, inexpert, amateurish, crude, rough; clumsy, awkward, maladroit, unhandy, heavy-handed, bungling, blundering, bumbling, botched; unproductive, unsuccessful, ineffectual, inadequate, inferior, substandard, wanting, … Continue reading

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Graphical Manipulations #64: A Rant, AGW, Control, Diplomacy, Door Mats, Con Jobs, The Rat, Crooks And Pillocks!

There’s a point in time, usually as we approach the Christmas Chaos, that one is given to, rather than benignly contemplate some of those little annoyances that usually provoke a rolling of the eyes, a sharp inhalation, and the derisively … Continue reading

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Graphical Manipulations #63: Backflips, Nounery, Diplomacy, Reality, The Rat And A Gee Thanks!

Gosh!  What a week!  There we were, just starting to get collectively infuriated and righteously indignant that our beloved Federal Government had Gonski Conskied, Gone with Gonski and then de-Gonskied when that rush of adrenalin was endocrinely stultified with a … Continue reading

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