Graphical Manipulations #75: Checklists, Timeliness, That Bloody Rat, Lies, Bullshit, And Resurrection!

Sad to say the effort of keeping a light-hearted and satirical bent to the graphical manipulations related to this increasingly inept and incompetent NO Coalition government seems to be becoming more difficult as they plumb the depths of inhumanity.  While the inhumanity towards the less fortunate is currently directed at asylum seekers, whose position readily permits their abuse, neglect, and mental torture through various threats and destruction of their hope, I suspect that it will not be long before we see the similar treatment directed at the less fortunate members of the Australian community.  Budget night comes to mind.  As a consequence black humour is tending to creep into the Graphical Manipulation forays despite the plenitude of ridiculousness issuing forth from this bunch of collective NO Coalition nouneries, “a muffling of idiots”. Even The Rat is showing evident signs of repressed anger.

Anyhow, the above, a handy Fascism Checklist, pinched from who knows where, and a few accurately placed ticks resulted in;

Fascist checklist

Thank your respective diety for that! And that led to thoughts of Fascist removals (similar to furniture removal but so much more bloody) and an earlier time when it was time and;

Its Time

The Rat came bounding in with a bit of light-hearted reflection on the antics of the NO Coalition with regards to the BOOKCASES OF BRANDIS;

Brandis Trough Rat


Medicare Rat

The joyous news that Tony Abbott remained less popular than a rat with a gold tooth and that TURNBULL BESTS ABBOTT;

Popularity Rat

Rat was highly amused that despite THE BUDGET EMERGENCY and the impending disaster as AUSTRALIA BECOMES UNSUSTAINABLE our Scotty Morrison could still spend a penny or two to keep the detention centre guardians in the manner to which they are accustomed;Luxury Rat


And Rat was particularly amused that Tony thought that Scotty was STRONG AND DECENT!  Just the type of man you need to run Stalag Luft Manus;

Morrison the Decent Rat

The whole Manus debacle and the apparent attempts at cover-up and disingenuous treatment of fact led to thoughts about fish and fishy tales and just fishiness in general with;

Fishy Morrison

Those fishy thoughts led to considering bullshit! It’s manufacture, extrusion and use as a fertiliser, particularly by politicians.  That led to;

Mushroom moo

Fertiliser, growth and the mad desire of the NO Coalition to blame everything on the worker and their unbelievably arrogant demands to be able to live reasonably comfortably and house and feed their children, led to thoughts of “adjustments” to labour laws and, naturally, that led to resurrections with;


All of which led finally to the tragic realisation that Australia had elected a bunch of politicians who had taken the fine art of factual refinement out into the sluttish and gaudy street of outright dishonesty and this;

Calm Pathological Liars



Afterthought:  This NO Coalition Government is trashing the good standing of Australia.  It cares little about its people in its fanatical pursuit of ultra-conservative ideology.  It is using the weapons of minority xenophobia, the secret fears and uncertainty of the general public and blatant propaganda, aided by a complaisant media, to turn this country into something is has never been – bigoted, racist, xenophobic, selfish, self-indulgent, self-obsessed, uncaring and a disgrace to all those things that have made Australia a great country! Tolerance, mateship, community, fairness, honesty and a love of freedom in both speech and expression!


Postscript:  All characters appearing in this work are entirely, and amazingly, fictitious.  Any resemblance to real persons, living, dead or in a zombie like state, is purely coincidental with an exceptionally high probability of being the construct of a deluded mind trying to grasp the true meaning of the political unreality of Australian politics, al la NO Coalition!  We can only gaze upon such greatness with wonderment!

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Australian born and bred who has spent most of his working life in R&D and IP management with earlier forays in the newspaper industry and martial arts. Fortunate enough to be living in one of the best countries in the World, even though I might get grumpy with it from time to time.
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8 Responses to Graphical Manipulations #75: Checklists, Timeliness, That Bloody Rat, Lies, Bullshit, And Resurrection!

  1. uknowispeaksense says:

    Reblogged this on uknowispeaksense.


  2. Yes D., it is getting harder by the day to take a light-hearted approach to these utter bastards (I’d use a stronger word but we’ll keep it clean) and it’s more difficult to keep the mirth from morphing into gallows humor. Time to check those old boxes on the top of the wardrobe, drag out that old army surplus shirt, pin on that rusty Moratorium badge and March in March.


    • deknarf says:

      No doubt the word you are thinking of begins with an ‘f’! As I watch this so-called government trash Australia and its reputation I just get angrier and angrier, and yet the polls would suggest that there’s a 50:50 split in the opinion of these jerks. If so, it’s a pretty sad indictment of just how self-obsessed and uncaring many people in Australia have become. I’ve been referred to at times as a ‘heartless bastard’, but I feel positively saintly compared to the heartless bastardry untaken by this NO Coalition government!


      • Actually D, the word I was thinking of begins with a ‘C’, but as someone reminded me recently – they have neither the warmth nor the depth. As for the polls, currently the electorate only has the choice of neo-lib or neo-lib lite, which as you point out is a sad indictment of the present version of the ALP and its leadership under Shorten-the Oz Lotto leader of the Opposition (he’s sitting on his backside waiting for his balls to drop). A ‘new’ Left is desperately required. Hopefully, following the law of Nature which dictates that it abhors a vacuum, one will emerge in the near future. Hopefully.
        Although as the number of dispossessed and disenfranchised grows, history dictates that it’s more likely to emerge from the extreme Right a la The National Front ad nauseaum.
        Poor Bugger My Country indeed. Keep ’em coming D. we still need all the laughs we can get in such grim times. 🙂


        • deknarf says:

          If there was a centrist party that put people, country, economy in that order they’d be getting my vote. Labor can’t even admit they made a mistake and that the solution to the asylum seekers is a regional one with heavy involvement of the UNHCR. Operation Strategic Stupidity is not the solution and that is becoming more obvious day by day. The boats keep coming, and it’s likely they will increase post the monsoon season and the objective of the people smugglers will probably be to overwhelm the OZ response and also move people further along the Indon archepeligo so that Northern Australia is within reach.
          Everyone is locked in to a solution that ain’t working and the only response is to pour more taxpayer money at it!


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