Graphical Manipulations #80: Knights, Dames And Stupid Games!


“Oh Yez! Oh Yez! My Lords, Ladies, loyal Kniggets, Dames, vassals, serfs and slaves.  All hail the eightieth posting of the Right Royal Graphical Manipulations.  Place yourself on bended knee, and bow your bared heads to acknowledge the greatness of our esteemed leader, graced he be by our most Catholic God, the Right Regal Lordliness Sir Rabbit of Kirribilli!!  Tis he that hath returned the Great South Land back on to the path of righteousness and once more into the loving arms of our once lost Britannia.  The Empire of the Britons rules in the land once again!”

Jesus H Christ!!!  An anachronistic system of perpetuating the class system based on an anachronistic and defunct British Empire still holding onto its Royalty anachronism, now reintroduced into a country that had already removed said anachronism by an anachronism who seems to be increasingly out of touch with reality.  What will it be next?  Sailing ships and the press??  Or, perhaps tournaments and the joust? Hanging, drawings and quarterings? Burning at the stake?

Thoughts of burning aligned with thoughts of bigots, the narrow minded and the monocular in general gave rise to thoughts of those who can’t see the bleeding obvious and;

Climate Studies

And then we turned to considering titles for those amongst us who are truly deserving of such acknowledgement.  Andrew Bolt came to mind;

Title Bolt Bullshit

As, of course, did prime bigot George;

Title Brandis Bigot

And who could not present Bronwyn Bishop with an appropriate title most fitting to her parliamentary misdeeds;

Title Partisan Bronwyn

And that led to acknowledgement of the perpetrator of such anachronistic idiocy and;

Title Abbot Dames

To an appropriate title for our Tony;

Title Abbot Delusion

That led to consideration of the size of the joke being played on the Australian populace with;

Title Joker

Of who might dream of aspiring to greatness;

Title Ant Dreaming

And then to the Regal Apportionment of Four Awards;

Miss Out Monkey

And finally to the surrealism of it all and the firm belief that such behaviour has to be comedic and ephemeral with;

Tonys Royal Comedy Show

And there thou hast it my noble readers!

Afterthought:  This NO Coalition Government is trashing the good standing of Australia.  It cares little about its people in its fanatical pursuit of ultra-conservative ideology.  It is using the weapons of minority xenophobia, the secret fears and uncertainty of the general public and blatant propaganda, aided by a complaisant media, to turn this country into something is has never been – bigoted, racist, xenophobic, selfish, self-indulgent, self-obsessed, uncaring and a disgrace to all those things that have made Australia a great country! Tolerance, mateship, community, fairness, honesty and a love of freedom in both speech and expression!

Postscript:  All characters appearing in this work are entirely, and amazingly, fictitious.  Any resemblance to real persons, living, dead or in a zombie like state, is purely coincidental with an exceptionally high probability of being the construct of a deluded mind trying to grasp the true meaning of the political unreality of Australian politics, al la NO Coalition!  We can only gaze upon such greatness with wonderment!







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Australian born and bred who has spent most of his working life in R&D and IP management with earlier forays in the newspaper industry and martial arts. Fortunate enough to be living in one of the best countries in the World, even though I might get grumpy with it from time to time.
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9 Responses to Graphical Manipulations #80: Knights, Dames And Stupid Games!

  1. Forsooth! Did cause near as much merriment as when young Sir Anthony did catch his Baldric in barbed wire.


  2. Joy Cooper says:

    Congratulations on your 80th, Deknarf. Excellent as usual although some comments from Sir Rattus Rattus would have been magnifico.


    • deknarf says:

      Thanks Joy! Alas poor Rattus was feeling manically depressed over the lack of anything “serious” to joke about and refused to put in an appearance. A nice bit of gorgonzola should entice him out for next week, hopefully! 😉


      • Joy Cooper says:

        Don’t blame him for feeling this way. Think we all are. 😦 Looking forward to Sir Rattus’s return. There is plenty of grist for him atm. 🙂


        • deknarf says:

          I’m sure Rattus will return, although I do suspect that all that laughing was playing havoc with his suppository of wisdom and he will now have to resort to his repository of anality! Or is that banality? 😉


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