Graphical Manipulations #154: Rats! Lots Of Rats! And A Single Malcolm!

It’s been a long day and, exhausted from the task of deleting all those Tony Rabbott graphics put aside for a rainy Graphical Manipulation day, we’ve decided to give The Bloody Rat and a couple of his mates a bit of a run. So watch out!

This was the week in which we saw Sarah Palin exercise her vaulting intellect.

Anglicised Rat

The Australian Defence Force having a few translational problems – maybe they should just stick to shooting at people.

Defence Farce Rat

Ex Prime Winky Dill’s department consider whether getting rid of scientists would also get rid of those annoying facts.

Lying Meteorology Rat

An economist blurt out an awful truth which the Government would prefer was not dragged out of the “political suicide” basket.

Swiss Cheese Rat

An attempt to change a name while overlooking that the stench will remain the same.

Transfield Rat

The Neutered Puppies endeavour to create a leadership challenge (a popular pastime in Australia) which failed because no-one turned up to the spill meeting.

Truss Barnaby Rat

Our favourite ventriloquist announce the she was giving it away now that her dummy had spat itself!

Ventriloquist Credlin Rat

We also saw our new Prime Minister Fraudbull endeavour to start up a conversation on ruling things in, and out.

Uhuh Malcolm Paradigm

Our Erudite Rat felt that his mate Niccolo knew what he was on about with regard to intelligence.

Machiavelli Erudite Rat

And our Fraudperson opting for words, lots of words! In fact, and interminable number of words!

Three Word Malcolm

And there you have it . . . . . . . .!

AFTERTHOUGHT: If you don’t punish politicians and their parties for lying to you, you are predetermining your treatment as a fool!

POSTSCRIPT: All characters appearing in this work are entirely, and amazingly, fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living, dead or in a zombie like state, is purely coincidental with an exceptionally high probability of being the construct of a deluded mind trying to grasp the true meaning of the political unreality of Australian politics! We can only gaze upon such greatness with wonderment!

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