Graphical Manipulations #156: A Hotched Potch. Including The Usual Animalia!

It’s a bit of a hotch potch, dog’s breakfast, bubble and squeak, this week! Reminiscent of the deluded mind mentioned in the post word. So, a few passing thoughts before the graphical bits.

Watching, hearing our new Prime Minister Malcolm (Fraudband) Turnbull twist himself into a pretzel as he endeavoured to keep both the Right Wing Nut Jobs (aka Rabbott et al) and the more Liberal Lieberals both onside at the same time was truly demeaning for someone with the Turnbullian ego. Praising the worst Prime Minister Australia has ever had was truly the pit of his debasement. Should Turnbull lose the next election we shall watch as he is torn apart and the RWNJ’s led by Rabbott rise again. This presents a right dilemma for a lefty like me! Do I still follow a pale shadow of a Labor Party and participate in voting it in to power, or vote Liberal while hoping that Turnbull wins and that most of the carpetbagger pirate capitalist policies expounded by this UnLiberal party have been revamped and softened – knowing that if Turnbull loses the Rabbott returns. Now that’s a very scary thought!! One of which, in the manner of Pecksniff, we shall thrust behind us!

The toads were intensely interested in the potential effect of the China-Oz Free Trade Agreement and the likely effect on penalty rates.


The sheeple felt that they should remain optimistic in the face of all the climate change doomsayers and look forward to a future serving the people!

Climate Change Sheeple

Our Treasurer also has an intense interest in penalty rates and was exploring a variety of novel ways of ridding his corporate mates of such an imposition on their profits.

Morrison Penalty Rates

Peter Garrett, he of the brain cells that failed to identify the difference between a wad of notes and a cheque, was pretty clear about what he thought of Kevin Rudd. And conversely Kev was pretty clear of his view of Pete!

Peter Garrett Recalls

The Bloody Rat thought Michaelia Cash was being somewhat disingenuous and well and truly optimistic.


Was very impressed with Malcolm’s channelling of The Godfather. Nice turn of phrase Malcolm! Pity it wasn’t yours!

In A Word Rat

And especially moved by our ex-Prime Winky Dills largesse in the food department, especially when the funds came from the taxpayer. Glad you’re gone Tony!!

Well Fed Rabbot Rat

Tony also appeared to have an entirely different view of his Prime Ministership compared to most of the public. And being generous we should always give every dog its day – especially pariahs!

Rabbott Record Uhuh

And our Erudite Rat consulted the oracle entitled “The Funniest Things You Never Said” and came up with this little gem. Which he thought was particularly applicable to our new Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull!

Politics Eruiditis Rat

And finally, given the angst emanating from the anti-Malcolm brigade in the Lieberal Party, movies came to mind. Particularly one movie!

Jaws Turnbull

And there you have it . . . . . . . .!

AFTERTHOUGHT: If you don’t punish politicians and their parties for lying to you, you are predetermining your treatment as a fool!

POSTSCRIPT: All characters appearing in this work are entirely, and amazingly, fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living, dead or in a zombie like state, is purely coincidental with an exceptionally high probability of being the construct of a deluded mind trying to grasp the true meaning of the political unreality of Australian politics! We can only gaze upon such greatness with wonderment!

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