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Seasonal Thingywhatsits!

The rats, toads, monkeys, sheeple, Deknarf, and our itinerant seal wish you; ‘WE’LL BE BACK!!

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Graphical Manipulations #165: You Close Your Eyes, And Realise. 2015’s Not Been A Pretty Sight!

As was predicted a week or so ago exhaustion has overtaken the contributory animalia and they’ve decided that a bit of a rest might help to revitalise their jaded wits! There was a momentary fear that the demise of the … Continue reading

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Graphical Manipulations #164: Wolves, Idiots, Rats, Toads and Broughing It!

Well Parliament has shut up shop for the holiday period and deep sighs of relief can be heard all round.  Now Orstralia can regain a sense of reality and get on with enjoying the benefits of an economy that has … Continue reading

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