Graphical Manipulations #171: Electoral Overload, Promissory Notes, Flashbacks, Conspiracies And Nom De Plumes!

Two weeks in to the (second?) longest election campaign in Australian history and diahorrea, glazed eyes, psychotically induced deafness, as well as inflammation of remote button fingers is rampant across the nation. It is also believed that many complaints have been received by Television Screens Australia (TSA) of unwarranted abuse and several attempts at physical damage against members.  The Australian Federal Police are looking into these allegations and it is expected that raids on Labor and The Greens offices are imminent, once bookings have been finalised with Sky News!

Memo to self. Organise an overseas holiday over the period of the 2019 election!

Most intriguing, and the most difficult to comprehend, is why do voters continue to accept the election promises of the vote seekers, especially the incumbent government vote seekers, as a done deal? They’re not real!  They are “Promissory Notes”!  Not even tradeable as currency!  They are meaningless – bereft of any tangible reality!  If the “Promissory Noters” get elected their rapidly generated “Budget/Financial/Fiscal/Monetary/Terrorist Crisis/Emergency/Disaster” will immediately void such Promissory Notes!  They will vanish back into the nether – or is that never – world from which they came.  Trust me!  I’ve been around long enough to know that counting on a Promissory Note is about a trillion times worse than counting on a Lotto win!

And along with these promissories comes the spruikers, and that created a flashback to an earlier election and the then epitome of spruikers, our very own Christopher “I fixed it” Pyne, and one of our more favoured paraprosdokians!

Sound off Pyne2

But! He’s been superseded by that accelerated accentuated motor mouth Mathias (Ve vill bore you girly men to death) Cormann.  The man is a blathering master!!  Even Prime Minister Fraudbull must stand in awe of such loquaciousness!

Vociferous Corman

It’s been a couple of weeks of revelations as revellers, also known to the Government as whistleblowing scumbags, revel in revealing embarrassing facts about the Government’s governance. We now know that the worker bees in the Dept of Immigration and Border Protection aren’t that happy with the current state of affairs!

Border Farce Revelations

And that revelation created another flashback to 2013 when we noted that jackboots might be imminent!  You didn’t supply, now see!  You have unhappy troopers!

NO Coalition jackboot2

ABC’s Four Corners last night did a revelatory on political donations and had a whistle blower insider (Michael Yabsley) reveal what most Australian already knew! Arfur Sinodinos however, continued to maintain his state of denial!  Oh! Come on Arfur!! Fess up!  Your memory can’t be that bad!

Denial Sinodinos

Last week Andrew Meares, and Peta (Spoonfeeda) Credlin gave us a graphic and a word grab that were eminently suited to one another!

Messiah Fraudbull2

That one, coupled with one of Shorten presented a nice opportunity to do a comparison of the Messianic!

Shortens Halo

We had our Minister for Immigration and Border Protection Peter (?) Dutton provide us with an excellent example of bigotry, xenophobia, and racist stupidity with his vomitous view of refugees. Seeing that most of the residents in this country (Dutton included) who are not full blood aborigines are either immigrants, refugees, or the offspring of such, Pete managed to piss off most of us – except the bigoted, racist, xenophobes! Good job Pete!!

Xenophobe Dutton

Then along came PM Fraudbull and took the debate to a whole new lower level. The Bloody Rat tried to put a humourous slant on the debacle.

Lowlife Fraudbull Rat

Rat gave a small snigger, an embarrassed look and grasped at the straw of embarrassing incompetence of our federal plods in order to change the subject.

NBN Raid Rat

Rats take on the situation caused another flashback to the time when PM Fraudbull was a minion of the Wacko Warringah Wabbott and placed in charge of the Lieberal Parties alternative to the National Broadband Network – Fraudband!

Fraudband Lemon2

Whilst not being particularly enamoured with conspiracy theories it must be said that we are drawn to the one which ascribes this embarrassing NBN debacle to a person who shall remain nameless, getting a strong arm of the law appointee (who shall remain nameless) to organise a raid on Labor, further embarrassing a recently appointed PM (who shall remain nameless) who was already deeply embarrassed by leaks (by someone nameless) which showed that the NBN was effectively snafu! That is “situation normal, all fucked up”!

As a further link to the theory of someone nameless “putting in the boot” the following is provided as a bit of existential “there you are, I told you so!” evidence.

Rabbotts Legacy

If that one doesn’t put a kybosh on Fraudbull’s chances of clear air I’ll be a conspiracy theorist! And the rumours of Wacko waiting in the wings! Ooooh let’s do that again! And the wumours in The Worstralian of the Wacko Warringah Wabbott waiting in the wings give wise to cwause for cwoncern!

And then, to top it off, we find that that slogan of slogans “JOBS AND GROWTH” is a pinch and from probably the most abysmal government in United States history. Plagiarism will get you kicked out of University, but apparently it’s OK in pollie world.  C’mon Lieberals are you so bereft of everything that you can’t even conjure up a decent slogan?  You have to pinch it?  You really need to get the Wacko Warringah Wabbott back – he was so good it it!

Jobs And Growth

And the revelations that while the Government resented Joe Public double dipping it was OK for them to double dip on renting family property and travel allowances caused another flashback, and this from 2013!  Thus demonstrating that nothing’s changed in the past three years.

House on the Hill2

And there you have it . . . . . . . .!

AFTERTHOUGHT: If you don’t punish politicians and their parties for lying to you, you are predetermining your treatment as a fool!


AFTER-AFTERTHOUGHT: This Lieberal/Neutered Puppy Coalition Government is trashing the good standing of Australia. It cares little about its people in its fanatical pursuit of ultra-conservative ideology. It is using the weapons of minority xenophobia, the secret fears and uncertainty of the general public and blatant propaganda, aided by a complaisant media, to turn this country into something is has never been – bigoted, racist, xenophobic, selfish, self-indulgent, self-obsessed, uncaring and a disgrace to all those things that have made Australia a great country! Tolerance, mateship, community, fairness and equity, honesty and a love of freedom in both speech and expression!

POSTSCRIPT: All characters appearing in this work are entirely, and amazingly, fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living, dead or in a zombie like state, is purely coincidental with an exceptionally high probability of being the construct of a deluded mind trying to grasp the true meaning of the political unreality of Australian politics! We can only gaze upon such greatness with wonderment!

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