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Graphical Manipulations #173: Voting, Political Calibre, Bias, And Political Crap Doodle!

Well! You only have yourselves to blame! Last Monday I couldn’t stand it any more and trundled down to the local polling booth for an absentee vote.  By about week two I’d had enough of the Fraudbullshit and Lieberal Promissory … Continue reading

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Graphic Manipulations #24: Katter, Milne, Brown & Abbott – Tis Becoming Quite A Habit!

In keeping with the last Graphical Manipulation I’m endeavouring to maintain the bipartisanship in my efforts to ‘Maintain the Ridicule’ related to those who wish to rule over us!  Admittedly it‘s also driven by the continuing paucity of silly Phoney … Continue reading

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