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Graphical Manipulations #144: Rats, Cows, Pigs! It’s A Right Menagerie! And A Missed Rabbott Missive!!

There’s a black bile rising in the throat! The eyes glaze over as a red rage threatens to burst a blood vessel or two and the anger mounts towards an explosion of vitriol and violence! And it’s only the first … Continue reading

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Graphical Manipulations #141: Rats, Maps, More Bloody Rats, Sheep, And Nationalistic Anthems!

What a busy, busy final week of Federal Parliament is has been, eh? And now, thankfully, the bunch of nondescript, amoral, unethical, self-indulgent, self-interested, grubs we jokingly refer to as “politicians” will pick up their nice little sinecures and retire … Continue reading

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Graphical Manipulations #110: Monkeys, Resurrection, Ratifications, Toadery, Pillocking And Word Abuse!

I guess by now readers of these Graphical Manipulations, and other articles on this blog, have come to the realisation that the author has a predilection towards socialism – SHOCK! HORROR!  Not really far leftish, but more centralist with a … Continue reading

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