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En Passant #9: Something’s Come Up – Be Back Soon!

Another of life’s little tasks has arisen to take me away from the keyboard and Smooth Draw 3.0.  Should be back on September 12.  Take care now!

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Food For Thought #15: The Knowledge Economy: Your Opportunity Or Your Missed Moment?

We’ve all seen/heard the media reports about the demise of industries and jobs that require only medium or low levels of skill: the closure of steel production; the loss of call centres (some going overseas); the incipient decline in manufacturing; … Continue reading

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Graphical Manipulations #6: Gillard, Abbott, Politics and Rectal Referrals

It’s been one of those week and a bit’s!  The farce Australia calls Federal Parliament resumed, invective and abuse was thrown, parliamentary members objected and anger, accusation and insult flowed freely.  Ejection of members from the House of Representative’s became … Continue reading

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Graphical Manipulations #5: The Connoisseur, Carbon Levies & His Bright Future for Oz

You’ve got to admit that Phoney Tony Abbott has been pretty successful with his repetitive mantras and with not being pressed hard by the mainstream media on his policies.  So these two little items might just be timely. First this … Continue reading

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Food For Thought #15: Paedophilia: Fact, Fiction and Airline Policy

Initially, I became ‘pretty cross’ after reading the article below (abridged) and considered it well and truly worthy of a Rant.  On reflection and a bit of a look at the evidential material related to paedophilia I thought is was … Continue reading

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Graphical Manipulations #4: Poor Joe! Knocked Out, Overlooked, And Given Third Prize!

You’re a real contender for leadership of the Federal Liberal parliamentarians when Malcolm Turnbull gets shafted.  You are knocked out at the first ballot leaving Tony Abbott and Malcolm to fight it out.  Tony Abbott wins by one piddly little … Continue reading

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En Passant #8: Climate Change, Sceptics & Conspiracy Theories!

The news just keeps coming on the effects of climate change doesn’t it?  And the sceptics continue to maintain a head in the sand stance as the bleeding obvious  becomes ‘bleedingly obvious’ and the weight of evidence just grows and … Continue reading

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