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Graphical Manipulations #154: Rats! Lots Of Rats! And A Single Malcolm!

It’s been a long day and, exhausted from the task of deleting all those Tony Rabbott graphics put aside for a rainy Graphical Manipulation day, we’ve decided to give The Bloody Rat and a couple of his mates a bit … Continue reading

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Graphical Manipulations #153: NO ANIMALS AT ALL! Oh! OK! Just an Alpaca!

SIGH! What a let down!! No Tony Rabbott photos, not even one from the drunken and debauched farewell party of our hairy chested, shirtless, ex-leader. SIGH!! And then when we looked at our new TEAM LEADER AUSTRALIA’s team it was … Continue reading

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Graphical Manipulations #152: To Spill, Or Not To Spill? That IS The Question! And A Seal!

OHHHHHH! NOOOOOOOOOOO! You can’t do this to me! Please! Please!! Don’t take the Prime Winky Dill away! What will I do when all the Three Word Slogans are gone? When there will no longer be the classic; “We’ve Stopped the … Continue reading

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Graphical Manipulations #151: A Rabbott, Several Rats, A Grumpy Duck And A Couple Of Toads!

So, it’s the second anniversary of the Rabbott ascension to the Prime Winky Dillship and there’s been lots of scrutiny in the mainstream media so we won’t go there! Except, perhaps, to respond to the Lieberal/Neutered Puppy claims that this … Continue reading

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