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Graphical Manipulations #136: Déjà Vu, More Bloody Rats, And A Coal Driven Future!

What can you say! A couple of weeks after Mr Eleventy delivered the budget of sweeties for willing consumption by the clamouring masses it has been found that these apparently delectable pre-election sweeteners contain a somewhat rancid interior. Hidden beneath … Continue reading

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Graphical Manipulations #135: Postprandial Trauma, A Rat Rampage, Horror Show And Sheeple!

Well, here we all sit, postprandially replete after a rather bland meal of small meat portions, entrained in a vegetable hotch potch and Liberally covered with a hearty braggadocio sauce! And as we patiently await the concomitant indigestion we realise … Continue reading

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Graphical Manipulations #134: Budgetary Matters. And No Bloody Rats!

Well here we are! It’s almost budget time and the media hacks, pundits, commentators and revelators are all waiting with bated breath to paraphrase, plagiarise, eulogise, pontificate, prognosticate, and summarise. All for the benefit of we, the voting sheeple, and … Continue reading

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Graphical Manipulations #133: A Bit Of This, A Bit of That! And Of Course, Those Bloody Rats!

It was nice to hear/see the Treasurer Joe (Eleventy) Hockey and our beloved Prime Ministerial Winky Person Tony Abbott deep in denial that they had promised a return to surplus in this term of Government. Apparently that was Labor’s fault. … Continue reading

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